SAS® Data Governance

It’s time you called the shots.

hero for Data Governance

Give your data some guidance and make it work for your business.


Your business, your rules

Be the boss of your data.

Why spend so much time managing your data when there are other tasks at hand? SAS Data Governance helps you put policies in place so you don’t have to micromanage. You decide how you want your data to function – and who can access it. And then you go back to doing what you do best: running your business.


One company. One direction

Business and IT, working together.

Your business team knows what needs to happen to keep pace with organizational changes. But IT has the technical expertise to get the job done. Success means everyone has to be on the same page. With SAS Data Governance, both sides work from the same interface – toward the same goal. The result? Organizational harmony.

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Measure the success

Prove your value.

You don’t have to guess when your data is bad or processes aren’t working. You can know. With built-in reporting, monitoring and validation, SAS Data Governance shows you when you’re succeeding or whether you need to make changes. You can monitor trends. Find red flags. Know when your policies are being followed. And trace them when they aren’t.


Put quality into context

Facts add up to insight.

What’s your data trying to tell you? If it’s unclear, SAS Data Governance can help turn hard facts into business integrity. No more arguing over numbers or questioning strategies – it’s all right there in front of you, delivering a more accurate picture of your organization.


Enterprisewide governance

  • Maintains and manages data attributes through a common data model.
  • Profiles data and monitors business rules for ongoing conformity with policies and quality guidelines.
  • Captures organizational policies and uses them for ongoing compliance.

Business data glossary

  • Facilitates the creation and management of business terms, safeguarded as you see fit.
  • Stores and applies definitions to guide data management processes.
  • Reuses, manages and reports on the use of a single glossary.

Security and auditability

  • Watches for changes in metadata, queries the logical types and updates the service database.
  • Enables role-based access to various data stewardship consoles for more control over sensitive content.
  • Protects information with centrally managed, read-only access whenever you need it.

Data remediation

  • Provides workflows for governing stewardship and other business processes.
  • Allows for run-time drill-through of tasks associated with active workflows if issues are flagged during monitoring processes.
  • Enables data stewards to review records and resolve issues once problems are identified during a load process.

Business rule validation

  • Helps data meet organizational standards  for data quality and business processes.
  • Identifies, profiles and validates reference data from any source system in a single interface.
  • Validates data against standard statistical measures as well as customized business rules, managing them and maintaining their history.


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