SAS® Social Media Analytics

Your Customers Are Talking. You Better Listen.

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Why SAS? Bringing Context to Conversations.

Most social media analytics solutions are simply listening platforms, but that’s not enough. SAS bring context to the conversations your customers are having by better aligning what you listen for with the lens through which you view your business.

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Data Management:

From Transient Conversations to Information Asset.

Transient social media content can be a valuable information asset if you continuously monitor, capture and integrate online and social conversation data. Identify important topics and content categories, and determine their relevance to customers in the context of their online communities. Pull together a variety of pertinent online data across CRM systems, traditional news sites and social media forums to allow for deeper, more holistic insights into what is being said about your products and services. And keep the data long enough to spot trends and change analysis over time. By keeping a repository of conversations in an analysis-ready state, you can analyze customer feedback as frequently and as deeply as you need to.

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Data and Text Mining:

Fan or Foe? You Have the Power to Know.

Go beyond understanding the frequency of words or phrases used by applying text analytics to get to the heart of how people really feel about your products and services across multiple channels. Then use data mining to link insights to their impact on your bottom line, now and in the future.

By connecting conversations to products, you can tailor topics to your biggest business issues by interpreting conversation data to address specific decisions across market strategy, media planning, interactive/Web marketing, public relations and customer care.

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Media Intelligence Portal:

Access to Insight, Insight to Action.

A media intelligence portal gives easy access to insights gained from social medial analysis. Prepackaged modules address the most frequently encountered issues – e.g., brand and market tracking, reputation and threat tracking, online media analysis and customer feedback. Decision makers can avert escalating issues, mitigate critics, classify market feedback across multiple dimensions and quickly identify opportunities to engage with brand advocates. You can answer questions about consumer needs, strategic market opportunities, emerging threats, media allocation and online engagement, as well as keep executives informed using concise indicators via the Web, mobile or email.

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Media Analyst Workbench:

Total Transparency Lets Analysts Dig Deeper.

If your analysts don’t have open access to the systems that determine sentiment, they can’t possibly ensure data quality or result accuracy. And if you don’t know how trustworthy your information is, what’s the point? A workbench specifically designed for analysts lets them interact directly with all data analyzed – both structured (professional reviews) and unstructured (conversations) – which is critical to understanding the context behind trends. Analysts can review how source documents are scored – and override sentiment in cases where slang or colloquialisms are not adequately captured.

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Conversation Center:

Real-Time Intelligence for Real-Time Interaction.

Resolve customer service concerns faster by drawing on case histories, sentiment and influence scores so you can interact more effectively in real time. Listen to and monitor conversations about your products and services on social media and online channels – from Twitter to customer transcripts residing on internal CRM systems. You can adjust the sentiment applied to underlying source documents and associated rules, and take action on the insights gained using integrated routing and workflow features. Powerful analytics quickly eliminate noise so you can focus on the customers, segments and offers that will generate the most profitable growth opportunities.

SAS® Social Media Analytics Features

Data Management

  • Ability to capture online conversations from popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Ability to gather customer reviews from thousands of review sites (e.g., Priceline and TripAdvisor).
  • Ability to identify and integrate influential blog postings.
  • Ability to source conversations both externally and via internal CRM systems (e.g.,
  • Ability to continuously capture and retain more than two years of online conversation history.

Data and Text Mining

  • Ability to tailor topic classifications.
  • Business rule customization.
  • Ability to apply sentiment to topics within a hierarchy specific to your industry.
  • Ability to apply common text analytics methods to gain insight that other vendors often overlook (sarcasm, disambiguation, misspellings, etc.)
  • Continuous improvement of tone identification accuracy by deploying both a statistically derived and business rules-driven sentiment scheme.
  • Includes industry-specific sentiment taxonomy engines for multiple industries (e.g., online retail, hospitality and gaming, multichannel retail, telecommunications, consumer banking, automotive, insurance, public policy, commercial pharmaceuticals and entertainment).

Media Intelligence Portal

  • Dashboard-driven insights quickly show how core business concepts are performing.
  • Year-over-year comparison of sentiment against specific business objectives.
  • Ability to drill into daily data to understand if a significant event is having an inordinate impact.
  • Verbatim comments show context behind positive or negative sentiment.
  • Media sources show where advocates and critics tend to congregate.
  • Ability to determine the influence of specific sources of commentary in the blog and microblog space.
  • Ad hoc social Web search module.
  • Includes triggered alerts and scheduled reporting.
  • Ability to export to Excel, CSV and GIF.
  • Social scorecards for tracking progress across social channels – e.g., Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels and Flickr group pages.
  • Ability to embed time-series forecasting in social trends.
  • Competitive intelligence comparison reporting.
  • Author and media hubs for understanding which individuals and sites are contributing to sentiment and influence the most.
  • Support for custom hierarchies.
  • Real-time Twitter capability provides immediate insight into brand sentiment based on user-specific queries.

Media Analyst Workbench

  • Ability to search source documents for verbatim comments that are the basis of analysis.
  • Ability to interpret how sentiment was applied to each document.
  • Ability to identify each concept and the sentiment associated with that concept.
  • Manual sentiment adjustment at the source document level.
  • Manipulation of sentiment and content categorization rules in order to “tighten” results and reduce noise in social data.
  • Provides sentiment and content categorization views in the document viewer.

Conversation Center

  • Integration with Twitter and Facebook, including comprehensive dialogue timelines.
  • Scores initial messages for sentiment and influence. Sentiment can be set to update manually or automatically.
  • Case management capabilities.
  • Complete consumer profiles.
  • Filter, search, summary and detail views.
  • Enables viewing of cases using rapid search/filtering and graphical methods.
  • Ability to prioritize messages according to sentiment and influence (not just keywords).
  • Includes author channel information.
  • Ties customer data to your CRM system.
  • Common data model stores entire case history.

Other Features

  • Includes an iPad briefing book application with: Sentiment reports, top five sites by volume, top five influencers, topic pairs, social trends.
  • Includes iPad Real-Time Twitter application.
  • Enables real-time "Twitterverse" buzz on queried topics.
  • Prepecified queries (i.e., SAS OR #SAS).
  • Custom queries (i.e., SAS OR #SAS AND software AND NOT jobs).
  • Results displayed via two graphs and a list of tweets text: 1) sentiment over time and 2) cumulative sentiment over time.
  • List of actual tweet details with sentiment.
  • Ability to capture and distribute tweets.
  • Multilingual support for Arabic, Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US/UK), Farsi, Finnish, French (French/Canadian), German (New/Old), Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.


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