SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager

More Than a Rules Engine. The Best Decisions for High-Volume, Inbound, Customer Channels.

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Why SAS? Real-Time Analytics. Enterprise Performance.

Go beyond what a rules engine can provide to make better customer decisions and more value from your real-time customer interactions.

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Real-Time Analytics:

The Right Decisions – Automatically.

You want to make the best possible decisions about each customer interaction. With analytics combined with decision logic, you can. Decision logic captures factors that are fundamental to making a decision. But analytics delivers much deeper insights – derived from things like customer lifetime value, propensity, attrition and credit risk modeling – for even better decisions about inbound communications. The result? Highly relevant, interactive offers based on automated analytical techniques – not business presumptions. Learn more

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Data Throughput:

High Volume? No Problem.

When it comes to customer experience, it’s not enough to make the right decisions; they must also be timely and consistent. But when you deliver millions of offers via inbound channels, the high customer interaction volume can make your computing resources sluggish and nonresponsive. That can delay decisions, which can be the kiss of death for the customer experience.

Built on a multitier architecture with server clustering capabilities, the SAS solution supports high-volume, 24/7 businesses, so you can make the best customer decisions exactly when you need to, regardless of transaction volume. Learn more

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Do-It-Yourself Decision Processes:

No IT Assistance Necessary.

Not a technical guru? No matter. Business users can easily construct and modify the automated decision process – and even incorporate SAS analytical models – without IT assistance. A user-friendly interface lets you design decision processes intuitively rather than through cryptic programming and rules. For example, you can construct processes by dragging and dropping a set of reusable, out-of-the-box tasks. And you can augment these tasks, which are included with the software, with reusable custom tasks created from SAS code. Learn more

offer optimization

Offer Optimization:

Right Offer, Right Time, Right channel.

Make "next best action" an integral part of your marketing strategy to achieve much higher response rates than standard outbound promotions can. You’ll be able to answer such questions as: What approach will get the most out of the customer relationship? Is selling more important than retention? Is the next best action ever no action? Once your questions are answered, you can achieve highly granular differentiation through further segmentation, determination of offer eligibility and prioritization – all based on analytical insight. Learn more

campaign testing

Campaign Testing:

Past Insight, Future Success.

It’s essential that you test the effectiveness of campaigns before deploying them into an operational environment. Proper testing ensures that relevant offers are delivered, appropriate decision flows are constructed for optimal customer responses, and only your best campaign components are put into play. Without proper testing, customers may move through decision flows incorrectly – resulting in suboptimal offers being delivered. Campaign designers will be disillusioned because of rework and frustrated with poor campaign response rates. Instead, use what you know from testing to create future success! Learn more


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