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Give Me Something that Performs

As a marketing practitioner in today’s digital world, you’re expected to do more and more – with less and less. Not only must you create and execute marketing campaigns, but you also have to corral all sorts of channel data, heed departmental initiatives, nurture and manage leads and perform online analysis – simultaneously.

What if you had easy-to-use software solutions that were fully integrated with all the components you needed to do your job? What if you could navigate seamlessly among components and be more efficient and effective in everything you needed to do? SAS Customer Intelligence offers a complete range of best-in-class solutions for the marketing practitioner to help you:

  • Find the most profitable growth opportunities.
  • Take the best action to exploit those opportunities.
  • And maximize marketing's cross-business impact.

Discover Insights that Lead to Profitable Growth

Growth opportunities are out there. But how can you find the ones that will be the most profitable? They’re usually disguised as random and meaningless data points among a whole bunch of other data points. How do you spot the hidden gems buried within? Spreadsheets? Too cumbersome and manual. Long SQL queries against old relational databases? You’ll miss several opportunities just waiting for the queries to run. How about a cryptic legacy coding platform? Oh, please.

SAS has a better way:

  • A modern, easy-to-use interface.
  • The most sought-after features in marketing software.
  • Quick and easy access to all your data sources – without having to call in IT.
  • The ability to test, learn and revise before executing marketing campaigns.

Act Without Hesitation

Imagine being able trust what your marketing software tells you – really trust. That means being confident that analyses are precise and insights are accurate. It means knowing that the campaigns you develop will be as effective as they can possibly be. SAS Customer Intelligence solutions give you that level of confidence by enabling you to:

  • Spend less time in the software and more time focusing on your strategic initiatives.
  • Use a single set of solutions for all integrated marketing management processes.
  • Manage everything – from plans to content to campaigns – from one place.

With SAS Customer Intelligence, you can move from data to design to decisions – quickly, easily and confidently.

Make the Biggest Impact – And Make Sure Everyone Knows It

Odds are that a lot of departments in your organization are either completely or largely unaware of what’s involved in integrated marketing management processes. But if every single department doesn’t understand how leads are nurtured through the customer life cycle, precious revenue can be lost. That’s precisely why closed loop marketing is so important.

SAS Customer Intelligence solutions help you maximize your cross-business impact by:

  • Sharing best practices and work already created (e.g., campaign designs) across business units, so you can get the most value out of existing work and replicate successes again and again.
  • Centrally managing the entire campaign process and allowing groups outside of marketing to come in and see how it’s done.
  • Getting reports and performance metrics into the hands of those who need it.


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