SAS® Marketing Optimization

Prioritize. Optimize. Maximize. And cut through all the noise.

SAS Marketing Optimization

Why SAS? True Optimization That’s Faster, Smarter, Easier.

Analytical optimization algorithms make it faster and smarter. An intuitive interface makes it easier. SAS makes it possible.

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Robust Optimization. Don’t Just Guess – Know.

Your business constraints will affect your marketing programs. But how much? Don’t just guess; find out. True mathematical optimization lets you accurately predict how constraints will affect your overall contact strategy, so you can avoid common problems like over- or under-contacting customers, budget overspending, etc. You can also combine constraints based on budget limits, channel capacities and contact polices, or create custom constraints, such as a minimum ROI or minimum revenue threshold required. Learn more

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Scenario Analysis: What if …? Find Out.

Easily create what-if scenarios to see how any changes to your business constraints would affect outcomes – no matter how complex the changes, nor how numerous the variations. You can easily create what-if scenarios to see, for example, how much revenue would go up if the campaign budget were increased by a certain percentage. Or how a higher contact frequency would affect customer lifetime value. Not seeing the results you want? No problem. You can easily modify scenarios and run them again and again. Learn more

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User-Friendly Interface: Optimization Made Easy.

Optimization doesn’t have to be complicated. Okay, well, optimization algorithms are complicated, but getting what you need out of SAS Marketing Optimization isn’t. That’s because a browser-based interface guides marketers through all optimization processes – including scenarios, constraints, reports and analyses – intuitively and logically. Wizards assist users with more complex tasks. Learn more


High-Performance Engine: Faster, Easier, Smarter.

As marketing programs get more sophisticated, you need more power and processing speed if you want to keep pace. A high-performance optimization engine delivers improved scalability and a much faster computation time. That means you can optimize millions of rows of customer data quickly and efficiently. By having faster, easier access to accurate information, you can make smarter decisions and solve more complex problems in a fraction of the time. Learn more


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