SAS® Marketing Operations Management

Go Beyond Digital Asset Management to Streamline Marketing Processes.

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Why SAS? Much More Than Digital Asset Management.

Digital asset management is essential for marketing organizations that create, deliver and manage rich-media content. But with rising demands for greater accountability, there’s a growing need to manage and execute a whole host of marketing activities – not just digital asset management – with greater efficiency and effectiveness. That’s where SAS comes in.

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Marketing Process Management:

Streamline and Automate.

From marketing strategy development and planning, to asset creation, to campaign execution, to post campaign analysis and reporting, you’ll achieve greater consistency, efficiency and effectiveness by automating and integrating marketing processes and workflows across your entire business.

You can develop marketing programs and workflows based on corporate initiatives, and deliver them down to the local level to ensure the consistency of messaging, collateral and execution methods. In addition, financial management capabilities enable collaborative planning, allocation, budgeting and program execution.

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A Common Infrastructure:

Get Campaigns to Market Faster.

How much time is spent managing communications between disparate departments and functions? A common marketing enablement infrastructure eliminates inefficiencies so marketers can spend more time on lucrative campaign activities. With a common infrastructure, you can continually strengthen and protect your brand by ensuring that collateral and content are brand-compliant and meet all usage specifications. It also enables greater collaboration by facilitating the sharing of effective materials and processes, which marketers might otherwise keep on their own PCs or departmental servers.

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Digital Asset Management:

Get More Value from Assets.

Your rich-media assets represent a great deal of time, money and effort. Ensure that you get the most value possible from them with content management capabilities that help you more effectively manage and distribute your organization’s entire collection of digital assets. A secure infrastructure lets you manage and control multiple versions of these assets, as well as catalog the asset library and easily retrieve assets for quick preview and effortless distribution. Content management capabilities also give merchandising groups visibility into marketing programs as they search for opportunities to promote their products.

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Dashboards and Reporting:

Easily Demonstrate Accountability.

As marketing departments face growing pressure to demonstrate accountability, SAS makes it easier to do so. Dashboards provide a single point of controlled access to comprehensive information – e.g., on marketing plans, budgets, activities and assets – for measuring and analyzing marketing performance, with the ability to drill down into details. You can also get complete visibility into time frames, costs, overruns, etc., as they emerge.

Personalization capabilities let users customize views so that they only see information that is relevant to them – e.g., marketing plans that will be up for review in a given week, projects that exceed certain budgetary thresholds, details on newly available marketing assets, etc.

SAS® Marketing Operations Management Modules

What if there were a single enterprise marketing solution that could help you manage your marketing operations with capabilities not only for digital asset management, but also for strategic planning and financial management, marketing performance measurement and analysis, centralized brand and resource management, and more? There is: SAS Marketing Operations Management.

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SAS Marketing Operations Management includes the following modules:

  • Approvals Management

    Get graphics, videos and documents reviewed and approved quickly and easily.

  • Artwork Production

    Simplify the creation and use of templates to ensure brand compliance.

  • Calendars

    Create, manage, publish and share marketing information.

  • Capacity Planning

    Plan, manage and allocate marketing resources more effectively.

  • Claims Management

    Create a centralized repository for approved claims and supporting information.

  • Digital Asset Management

    Establish a secure infrastructure for managing your digital assets.

  • Marketing Dashboard

    Get a single point of controlled access to relevant marketing information.

  • Marketing Knowledge Management

    Facilitate collaboration while maintaining information security.

  • Marketing Workbench

    Get essential workflow templates for successful program execution.

  • Offer Management

    Create, manage and publish offers efficiently and effectively.

  • Reporting

    Gain clear visibility into every aspect of your marketing operations.

  • Site Building

    Easily build informative websites without having to know HTML.

  • Strategic Planning

    Facilitate collaboration among key stakeholders.

  • Timesheets

    Accurately track the time your resources spend on marketing activities.


Approvals Management

  • Electronic routing of marketing documents for review and approvals.
  • Automated follow-up reminders to tardy reviewers.
  • Reviewer comment consolidation and multiple revisions management.

Artwork Production

  • Visual configuration of artwork templates and instant feedback on artwork adaptation.
  • Houses final, print-ready output.
  • Ability to route for approvals and integrate with the digital asset manager.

Claims Management

  • Database of regulatory claims that can be easily searched and retrieved to ensure accurate claims information (e.g., packaging labels).
  • Includes detailed information on claims.

Digital Asset Management

  • Better resource planning and the ability to account for actual time spent on marketing activities.
  • Visibility into resource availability.
  • Easy resource allocation and reallocation across marketing activities and projects.
  • Daily online resource tracking.
  • Easy cost calculation based on time spent by various resources.

Marketing Dashboards

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • Permissions-based information access.
  • User personalization capabilities.

Marketing Knowledge Management

  • Ability to create moderated forums on particular subjects or projects.
  • Document attachment support.
  • Personalized access via the marketing dashboard.
  • Information security via access control rules and invitation to topics.

Marketing Workbench

  • Ability to define marketing process steps.
  • Flexible workflow configuration.
  • Ability to send electronic notifications and task reminders.
  • Automatic timeline calculation.
  • Status reports.


  • Generates spending reports by many different cost categorizations – e.g., customer segment, products, channel, etc.
  • Predefined reports cater to all needs, based on years of marketing domain expertise, to enable quick-and-easy user reporting.
  • Ad hoc report creation via a drag-and-drop reporting tool and scheduled distribution to users and groups.

Resource Planning and Time Sheets

  • Better resource planning and the ability to account for actual time spent on marketing activities.
  • Visibility into resource availability.
  • Easy resource allocation and reallocation across marketing activities and projects.
  • Daily online resource tracking.
  • Easy cost calculation based on time spent by various resources.

Site Development

  • Easy internal website development with flexible, easy-to-use tools that enable content management and layout without requiring development skills.
  • Access control and collaborative site management.
  • Ability to integrate with digital asset manager and message board.
  • Easy search-and-retrieve function.

Strategic Planning and Financial Management

  • Ability to define and track marketing plans with a list of marketing programs and integrated campaigns.
  • Cost-center budget allocation and plan forecasting.
  • Ability to gather and approve vendor estimates for marketing programs via a workflow.
  • Ability to track expenses in the form of commitments and invoices for marketing activities.
  • Ability to track marketing effectiveness and ROI.


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