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Stability and Guidance: What IT Brings to the Table

Whether you can characterize the relationship between IT and marketing in your organization as a gap or a gulf, odds are that there’s room for improvement. At a glance, the roles that IT and marketing departments play may seem worlds apart. And at times, IT and marketing may appear to be at cross purposes, even though they share a common goal – success of the business.

When you think about IT goals, words like these may spring to mind: stability, security, reliability, systems that are in it for the long haul. Conversely, thinking about the goals of marketing may evoke such words as: agility, immediacy, real time, right now.

Bottom line? You have more common ground than you may realize. And SAS can help bridge the gaps and the gulfs.

Start by exploring how IT's goals can support and augment marketing’s goals for the good of the entire organization in three key areas:

  • Finding the most profitable growth opportunities.
  • Taking the best action in pursuit of those opportunities.
  • And maximizing the impact marketing has across your business.

Help Deliver the Opportunity for Growth

Technology plays a critical role in today’s digital marketplace, and marketing organizations can’t find profitable growth opportunities without an enabling technology environment. That’s where IT comes in.

Finding profitable growth opportunities requires the right data and advanced analytics for sifting through all the noise to uncover opportunities for growth that may otherwise stay hidden. While some sophisticated marketing analytics solutions put powerful analytical capabilities into the hands of marketers who may have little to no technical knowledge, IT plays a critical role in supporting and making such solutions – and all the necessary data – available to marketers.

SAS provides on-site, hosted, cloud and SaaS solutions for your business – so you can provide marketing with what it needs to find profitable growth opportunities today, as well as enable future growth and expansion.

Empower Best Action for IT and Marketing

As technology becomes even more of a point of commonality between IT and marketing, there will be continuous opportunities for IT to equip marketing with the technology and tools needed to take the next best action. Marketing solutions – particularly those from small, niche software vendors – are notoriously difficult to install, configure and deploy.

SAS Customer Intelligence solutions, by contrast, are not one-size-fits-all. Our solutions have evolved over time based on experience, customer input and years of R&D. They will fit inside any organization’s infrastructure. And – unlike marketing software from other big vendors – you don’t have to install our databases before you can use our marketing solutions. No one else offers this kind of flexibility.

Amplify Marketing’s Impact on the Rest of the Business

Not to grossly oversimplify, but every IT organization has at least three goals in common:

  • Enable business success.
  • Support the business efficiently through process and technology.
  • Be seen as experts/leaders in the IT domain.

What does that have to do with amplifying marketing’s impact on the rest of the business? Everything. When marketing wins, everybody wins. More customers mean more sales. More sales mean more revenue. More revenue means success. (And so on, and so on.) IT plays a vital role in this.

IT can enable marketing – and business – success by providing marketers with top-notch solutions for addressing their business needs. If marketers have the ability to perform their own data extracts, define their own business rules, set up business contexts, etc., fewer problems will arise. That will minimize the level of IT support required and free IT to pursue its own strategic goals.

And by choosing superior software solutions that are ranked consistently high by industry analysts, you effectively demonstrate your IT leadership.


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