SAS® Adaptive Customer Experience

Customer Experience Software for More Relevant, Personalized Communications.

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Why SAS? Making It Personal Makes a Difference.

A deeper customer understanding. Better customer targeting. More personalized interactions. A better customer experience.

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No Heavy Tagging Lightens the Load.

Tired of the intensive Web analytics tagging required by traditional solutions? SAS uses dynamic data collection, which involves a single line of JavaScript within a Web page. Changes to page design are accounted for automatically during data capture, so there’s no need to continually re-tag the page. Because you have all the detailed data, you can reinterpret its meaning and change your analysis without having to recapture new data. As a result, implementation can take as little as a few hours, while maintenance costs will be far less than with traditional methods.

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True Customer Insight – More than Page Hits.

How customers behave on your site can reveal their buying plans, habits and wishes, significant life changes, etc. Don’t let that wealth of information vanish when they leave your site. Instead, capture your customers’ online behavior in detail, then combine that data with offline data for a truly complete view of the customer and a keener understanding of customer behavior. You can combine that information with a library of personalized offers that are ready to present to the customer at just the right moment. The result? A much improved customer experience.

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Real-Time Marketing That’s Really Real Time.

Make sure that the absolute best offer is made to a customer at the right time – in real time. Only SAS combines the customer insight derived from real-time data collection with the advanced analytics and business logic of SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, empowering you to deliver just what your customer wants – just when they want it.

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Start Small. Grow at Your Own Pace.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. The modular nature of SAS Adaptive Customer Experience lets you start small and add on at your own pace, following a natural growth path. For example, you can start with SAS Customer Experience Analytics for dynamic data collection and analysis. Next, add SAS Customer Experience Targeting for outbound targeting capabilities. Then move on to SAS Customer Experience Personalization for inbound, personalized targeting in real time.

SAS® Adaptive Customer Experience Features

Information Management

  • Customer-centric, open data model for data storage.
  • Post-data-collection contextualization using parameterized business rules.
  • Ability to use captured data immediately for reporting and in-depth analysis.
  • Integration of online data with offline profile data and offers.
  • Ability to integrate the decision platform with an existing Web application either passively or actively.
  • Full integration with content management systems to pull content/images for use in delivering offers.
  • Integration of external data sources with collected data.

Self-Service Data Analysis

  • Intuitive wizard access to SAS capabilities – from basic reporting to complex analyses.
  • Results delivered in HTML, RTF, text and/or PDF form. Most results can be output as SAS data sets for further analysis with other tasks.
  • Intuitive process-flow diagram facility for organizing, viewing and maintaining projects visually.
  • Development and deployment of custom tasks that appear alongside core product functionality.

Data Visualization and Reporting

  • Support for drilling, slicing and pivoting as needed.
  • Ability to drill through to the underlying detailed data.
  • Support for simple and custom calculations (e.g., time series analysis), as well as count analysis, relative contribution analysis, etc.
  • Ability to bookmark specific multidimensional views for easy reuse.
  • Ability to surface multidimensional slices to other analytical SAS procedures (e.g., data mining) for advanced analysis.

Predictive Analytics

  • Built-in predictive models, forecasting and goal-seeking routines.
  • Ability to view easy-to-understand predictive models for each business goal.
  • Customization of goal-seeking routines that display which driver adjustments of will deliver the desired increase or decrease in the target business goal.
  • Forecasting ability.

Dynamic Data Collection

  • Uses a single line of JavaScript to efficiently collect all data from a page.
  • Ability to capture data exactly as it is seen in the browser window.
  • Ability to record virtually every action happening on a Web page.
  • Compatibility with any type of website configuration.
  • Industry-standard encryption techniques.

Decision Support

  • Central administration and management of data access and reporting.
  • Ability to set security on individual data and reports.
  • A single point of control for all business data descriptions.
  • Ability to define authentication infrastructure (host, LDAP or active directory).


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