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Opportunities Trump Challenges for Today’s CMO

Marketing executives, take note: The way things used to be is irrelevant. Marketing has shifted. The world has gone digital. Today’s customers are bombarded by channels and saturated with information. Their expectations? Higher. Attention spans? Shorter. Buying behaviors? They've changed.

So, how do you capture and keep their attention?

If you don’t believe that the CMO’s job is vastly different today than it was just a decade or two ago, then you might want to dust off your resume or CV, because you won’t be CMO for long.

If you haven’t started down the path already, then it’s time to engage in the kind of marketing leadership that will not only earn you a place at the executive table, but will enable you to keep it. Yeah, the challenges are there, but so are the opportunities. And doing these three things can make all the difference:

  • Find the most profitable growth opportunities.
  • Take the best action to exploit those opportunities.
  • And maximize the impact marketing has across your business.

Find Profitable Growth Opportunities that Others Miss

In the marketing landscape of today, it can be difficult to recognize and seize the best and most profitable opportunities for growth – difficult, but not impossible. Those opportunities are out there, and SAS can help you find them. With our software, you can:

  • Access, prioritize and understand growing volumes of market and customer data.
  • Find opportunities that others miss by unlocking the mysteries of customer behavior, sentiment, influence and value.
  • Forecast future behavior and demand so you have more time to plan, align and invest resources appropriately.

Take Action – With Confidence.

Keeping a customer's attention is harder than ever. With an array of technology at their disposal, customers expect to receive a consistent experience across every channel – and the sense that your company knows them. To avoid wasting resources on interactions that won’t be fruitful, you need fresh thinking that centers on the customer. SAS can help you take action with confidence using a broad range of capabilities that enable you to:

  • Lower your cost of ownership, and get a higher return on your total marketing investment.
  • Spend less time managing and moving data – and more time focusing on better understanding your customers and market opportunities.
  • Deliver relevant offers and messages to consumers anywhere and everywhere – often in real time – over a variety of channels.

Get Maximum Impact

As marketing’s focus has shifted from the brand (top down) to the customer (bottom up), a marketing executive’s job has gotten far more complex than it used to be. The onus is on you to maximize the cross-business impact of each action taken – by you and the entire marketing organization. That means putting the customer at the center of all business decisions, empowering marketing to create consistent customer experiences across channels and sharing results across all business units. SAS has every element covered, with solutions and capabilities that give you the power to:

  • Gain an unrivaled understanding of customer likes, dislikes and needs, and measure performance using quantifiable metrics.
  • Create consistent, personalized customer experiences by anticipating and capitalizing on customer needs, regardless of channel.
  • Understand how marketing activities link to your revenue and profitability targets, and share results and insights across business units.


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