SAS® Intelligent Advertising for Publishers

More Than Just an Ad Server. Much More.

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Why SAS? Data to Insight, Insight to Action.

Precision forecasting, decision optimization, inventory management, sales performance reporting. You can't get all that from just an ad server.

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Seamless Order Management:

No More Bottlenecks.

Tired of analyzing advertising data in spreadsheets? A single platform and common user interface for integrating, viewing and analyzing all advertising data means that data moves smoothly through ad server processes – from RFP to proposal to approvals, and from insertion order to campaign to flight. Because all workflows – bookings, delivery, reporting and forecasting across multiple mediums (digital, mobile and video) – are managed from a single platform, you can discover high-value inventory and get it to market faster. Having a single user experience for both sales and ad operations also streamlines communications, so each team can do its job better.

Simulation-Based Forecasting:

Know What You Have and What You Can Sell.

Don’t make ad inventory pricing and placement decisions based on gut feel. Because the solution’s forecasting and fulfillment systems are linked, the decision and delivery systems accurately depict inventory availability, as well as all product packaging and delivery rules. This ensures that you not only know what you have to sell, but also that you can actually sell it. Accurately forecasting what inventory you will have in the future ensures that impressions are allocated appropriately, so you don’t use your optimal inventory in non-optimal locations.

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Data Visualization and Reporting:

Greater Visibility, Better Decision Making.

Use historical and predictive analytics to analyze product and sales team performance – now and in the future. Dashboards deliver insight about your inventory and business, enabling smarter, faster decisions. You can track campaign and sales performance in real time, make more informed rate card decisions and evaluate the impact of shiftable inventory (direct and indirect). Detailed views let you identify revenue trends by product, salesperson and advertiser. With data visualization, you can analyze large amounts of data quickly and see things that may otherwise be missed. You can get fast, accurate insights on campaign delivery, inventory availability or placement, historical performance and products that need to be sold.

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Ad Server Optimization:

Get It Right Every Time.

A flexible, scalable decision engine lets you seamlessly optimize your advertising inventory decisions – on price, channel, size, number of impressions, time of ad delivery, etc. You can prioritize and optimize competing business rules to ensure that assigned delivery rules best match customer needs. In addition, a comprehensive set of advanced delivery options ensures that you can act on decisions immediately.

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Support for Mobile, Display and Video Output Devices.

SAS Intelligent Advertising for Publishers supports publishing advertising to mobile, display and video output devices – not just traditional Web channels.

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Complete Integration with the SAS® Customer Intelligence Product Suite

Full integration with the SAS Customer Intelligence suite of products means you can combine your company’s advertising inventory with things like content management (e.g., SAS Marketing Operations Management) and multichannel marketing applications (e.g., SAS Marketing Automation, SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, SAS Digital Marketing, SAS Customer Experience Analytics, etc.).


Seamless Sales Order Management

  • Unified platform serves as a single source of advertising data across departments and functions.
  • Eliminates re-keying of data between systems.
  • Ability to use audience profile data in workflows.
  • Ability to use behavioral segmentation to sell highly targeted ads.
  • Single data dictionary and user interface for better communication across business units.

Simulation-Based Forecasting

  • Ability to simulate future scenarios based on user behavior and historical data
  • Ability to improve inventory-forecasting process by knowing how flights of ads will actually be delivered.
  • Linked forecasting and fulfillment systems, enabling decision and delivery systems to provide an accurate availability picture.
  • Publishers know both what they have to sell as well as confirmation that they can actually sell it.

Data Visualization and Reporting

  • Dashboards for easy monitoring of sales performance and rate card adherence, with ability to drill down for detailed views.
  • Data visualization capabilities for visually exploring data to gain insights on campaign delivery; inventory availability or placement; historical performance; products that need to be sold, etc.

Ad Server Optimization

  • Flexible decision engine optimizes current inventory and remnant partners.
  • Ability to set thresholds and guardrails to maintain ad inventory policies and minimums.
  • Ability to determine optimal placement based on price, place and duration.
  • Ability to determine whether to sell direct, guaranteed inventory or place unused inventory on ad exchanges.


  • Management of in-app ad delivery using iOS and Android SDK.
  • Geofencing capabilities let you target within a specific radius of a latitude/longitude location.
  • Device detection capabilities let you optimize creative on a user’s mobile device.
  • Mobile network mediation enables server-to-server connections with third-party demand partners to eliminate redirect latency.
  • Server-side ID storage manages a user’s advertising experience across multiple devices.
  • Consolidated sales workflow, ad serving and yield management across all channels, including mobile, video and all other devices.


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