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SAS® High-Performance Analytics

What if you are a retailer and it normally takes you 30 hours to set prices for individual stores? What would it mean to your business if you could discover optimal price points in only two hours? With SAS High-Performance Analytics, complex analytical jobs that previously took days or hours to process now run in just hours or minutes even with hundreds or thousands of input variables. Analysts have more time to experiment with advanced models to improve them, and executives can get answers to questions they never even knew to ask. As SAS CEO Jim Goodnight says, "With this software, we want organizations to reset how they think about solving problems." This paper explores the question: what could your organization do with faster, better answers, and provides possible use case scenarios that illustrate the value this technology brings to a variety of industries.


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  • Analytics: An Inside Perspective

    You would expect Kelley Blue Book to capitalize on analytics to generate more than 324 million vehicle value reports a month. But the leading provider of prices, values and reviews on new and used cars didn't stop there. The success of its valuation project led to an outpouring of demand for analytics in other business areas, such as customer analytics, Web design, product testing, demand planning, financial forecasting and market research. In this webinar conclusions paper, Shawn Hushman, Vice President of Enterprise Analytics for Kelley Blue Book, describes how his company embedded SAS® Analytics into all those facets of the business – creating a culture of analytics by gaining the necessary executive commitment, analytics talent, technology infrastructure and workflow.

  • Real-Time Relevance
    Organizations have more opportunities than ever for direct customer contact – email, blogs, Facebook, etc. – but it is actually getting more difficult to extract value from those conversations. Organizations need to rethink how they approach such concepts as customer value, contact center processes and metrics. In a webinar produced by the AMA, experts from SAS and Sword Ciboodle presented a framework that continuously gathers and embeds new intelligence into customer contact strategies. The process produces more relevant and effective interactions – a win-win for organizations and their valued customers. This paper provides highlights from that webinar.
  • Getting Your Money's Worth with Analytics
    In the fourth quarter of 2011, the Accenture SAS Analytics Group conducted research using a survey of 258 US business professionals that further explores the effectiveness of business analytics. This paper illuminates the findings from that study and offers three important components for a successful analytics strategy.