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Metadata Management & Connectivity

Leverage all data, regardless of source

The "connected world" is piping in data from all areas: billing, customer care, operational support, suppliers, partners, to name just a few. Organisations struggle as they are pushed to handle those exploding volumes of data in near real-time. Seemingly simple tasks to add new data sources, implement new data quality rules or access information become complicated projects.

With SAS Data Integration, you can connect to, acquire, store and write data back to a variety of data stores, streams, applications and systems on a variety of platforms and in many different environments. Whether it's ERP systems, RDBMS', flat files, legacy systems, message queues or XML, you'll have fast access to all relevant data that you need.

In addition, a complete and shared metadata environment provides consistent definition across data sources to speed integration projects, simplify design, reduce maintenance and save money.

Key Benefits

  • Leverages all organisational data, regardless of source, for any data integration project.
  • Seamlessly works with all of your data, regardless of where it comes from or where it needs to go.
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for costly and inefficient add-on data access and connectivity products.
  • Speeds time to information by automating and simplifying the most common data access tasks.

Key Features

  • Connectivity in batch or through message queues in real time to more data sources on more platforms than any other solution.
  • A complete and shared metadata environment provides consistent data definition across all data sources.
  • Native access methods deliver the best performance and reduce the need for custom coding.
  • World-record process throughput enhances performance and speed.

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