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Master Data Management

Quickly and reliably create a unified view of enterprise data from multiple sources

Master data management (MDM) is uniquely identifying each instance of a business element (customer, product, account, etc.) and representing these instances using a standardised data model. Creating a master data environment enables organisations to provide a single source of truth around which enterprise systems can be synchronized. SAS Data Integration is a critical component for successful Master Data Management initiatives.

This requires extracting key data from diverse operational environments to create a system of record files, establishing links to keep that system and operational system files in sync, and providing fast access across all operational systems to master data without degrading operational performance.

SAS acts as a virtual integration hub, supported by a layer of metadata, to facilitate the intelligent design and implementation of master data environments. With the ability to read from and write to virtually any data on any technology platform in batch and real time, SAS provides unsurpassed data access. Reusable business rules clean, standardise and enhance data as it moves into the master reference file so all information is accurate. And, the intuitive rapid development environment is adaptable to each organisation's technologies and standards for increased productivity and rapid results.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a 360-degree view of data.
  • Saves money and resources due to improved revenue management, effective marketing and better business decisions.
  • Provides rapid query, analysis and reporting functionality required for successful business initiatives.
  • Allows users to access multiple data sources and instantly transform the data into useful information for analysis.

Key Features

  • Semantic data descriptions of input and output data sources uniquely identify each instance of a business element (customer, product, account, etc.) and standardise the master data model to provide a single source of truth.
  • Powerful transformation language and embedded data quality processes ensure that master data is correct.
  • Business rules library contains reusable business rules that clean, standardise, match and enhance data as it moves into the master reference file and is reused for downstream processes.
  • Data feeds can arrive in a single transaction or hundreds of transactions at a time.
  • Data sets can be processed in a single pass of the source data.

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