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Data Integration

Meet the full spectrum of enterprise data integration needs

SAS Data Integration gives you THE POWER TO KNOW® how to quickly attain and manage consistent and trusted data throughout the organisation. We offer a comprehensive data integration solution that provides organisations with the flexibility, reliability and agility to respond quickly to new data integration requirements, consolidate vendors, standardise on one integration solution and reduce the overall cost of data integration.

Results provided through our use of SAS have helped to change the way Type 2 diabetes is treated worldwide.

— Dr. Carole Cull

Research Lecturer,

Diabetes Trials Unit - University of Oxford

By providing a complete portfolio of data integration capabilities, SAS Data Integration:

  • Eliminates delivery delays and high costs associated with having IT building custom code for each integration project or having to piece together a myriad of non-integrated technologies by providing a single, integrated and easy-to-use solution.
  • Eliminates business and technical problems caused by inaccurate, contradictory and inconsistent data by embedding data quality within data integration processes and providing a single view of your customers, products and other entities.
  • Eliminates the need to acquire new tools to meet the changing needs of each new data integration project your organisation must complete. SAS brings to market a single enterprise solution that can handle all your data integration activities.

Our proven capabilities include:

The SAS Difference

Complete. Only SAS has built from the ground up a comprehensive enterprise data integration environment with the ability to meet the full spectrum of data integration needs. SAS, in conjunction with our wholly owned subsidiary DataFlux, delivers a data integration solution that is tightly integrated with performance and reliability built-in.

Reliable. SAS solutions are time-proven to be "rock solid", trusted, stable and resilient. You can rely on SAS as a company with our financial stability and 30 years of growth. You can rely on our commitment to our customers with unparalleled technical support and expertise that spans all industries. The reliability, stability and accuracy of our solutions is validated by our large and loyal customer base, our industry ranking as a leading DI vendor and a 98 percent customer retention rate the highest in the industry.

Flexible. Regardless of your data integration needs, from simple, one-time migrations to complex, real-time integrations, SAS technology can meet those needs in a way that is appropriate for your organisation's unique circumstances.

The Power of the Platform

Only SAS addresses the entire process of translating raw data into useful, trusted and timely information for fact-based decisions. Our integrated and complete intelligence platform bridges the gap between what you have a mountain of inconsistent data from a variety of sources and what you want to achieve consistent data, flexible operation and rapid results. We deliver this through our technology and expertise in data integration and storage, analytics, business intelligence, targeted business solutions and specific industry solutions.


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