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Service Levels

Customer support service levels for any queries not immediately resolved are based on the nature and severity of the problem. After initial contact a consultant will make every attempt to follow up on the query within the appropriate timescales. This table shows the targets for initial follow-up and frequency of updates for different types of problems:

Level Condition Initial Follow-up Frequency of updates
1 A critical SAS production system is down or does not function at all, and there is no circumvention for the problem; a significant number of customers are affected, and a production business system is inoperable. 2 Hours Every 1 Business Day
2 A component of SAS is not performing; creating a significant operational impact 4 Hours Every 2 Business Days
3 A component of SAS is not performing as documented; unexpected results; circumventable problems; moderate or minor operational impact 24 Hours* Every 3 Business Days
4 Usage questions; clarification of documentation 24 Hours* Every 10 Business Days
5 Suggestions; requests for new product features and enhancements 24 Hours* Every 30 Business Days

*For problems that are assigned to a specialist, "initial follow-up" is defined as the time between when the problem is initially reported and the specialist contacts the customer. For problems that require further research by the consultant who initially received the problem, "initial follow-up" is defined as the time between the initial contact with the consultant and a follow-up call.
**excluding weekends and bank holidays.


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