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Infrastructure Support

What We Do

The Infrastructure Support Group deals primarily with customers that are using SAS in a multi-platform, multi-tiered environment across their entire enterprise.

SAS® solutions available today offer so much flexibility and ease of use to the community of SAS users, but this often means a more complex underlying infrastructure. The Infrastructure Support Group therefore must focus on the whole SAS estate; not just the software but the hardware as well.

The Group has experts in non-functional areas such as storage, performance, web technology and Operating Systems. They act as a source of expertise between the various teams in Customer Support, as well as Technical Support in the US, to ensure our customers get the very best value out of their investment in SAS.

Our Services


Problems will always occur and it is the function of the Practice to react quickly and efficiently to ensure that these problems have a minimum impact on your business.

Systems Healthcheck

Volumes of data are increasing, so what may have started out as an optimally configured system may become less efficient over time. We can provide peace of mind by identifying and resolving configuration issues and performance bottlenecks before they become critical and prevent major system outages.

Systems Tuning

As more users are given access to applications, it's necessary to ensure those users continue to experience good performance and that you maximise your return on your I.T investment. Our tuning specialists monitor and tune environments to help ensure this happens.

Specialist Advice

Our specialists track the latest technological developments and can advise on how a new technology can be used with SAS to improve end user experiences throughout an enterprise.


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