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SAS® Discovering OpRisk Management

Innovative e-learning to embed risk awareness

A 2004 global survey by SAS and Risk Magazine reported that "lack of staff awareness" was a key barrier to successful operational risk management. This lack of awareness can lead to serious financial losses, plus the potential for reputational losses and further impacts on market and consumer perceptions.

To address this challenge, SAS has developed the SAS® Discovering OpRisk Management e-learning training course - the first of its kind. What makes this course unique is that it was developed by a steering committee of industry experts drawn from retail banks, investment banks and insurers.

Your staff can access this customisable and cost-effective programme at any time, while your business can expect a potential 50% reduction in typical classroom-based training costs.

Completion of the course empowers people at all levels to appreciate the importance of operational risk management and understand your approaches; to identify, analyse and prioritise risks; and develop appropriate mitigation strategies. Perhaps for the first time, organisations can implement a structured, continuous and rigorous approach to identifying risks and controlling weaknesses.

Course Content
The course covers essential requirements for Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley and Solvency II, enabling staff to understand and embed the right risk culture and approaches in their work.

  • Interactive multimedia content is available to all staff at all times
  • Self-paced and repeatable e-learning on concepts, principles and practice
  • A customised 'chapter' covers your own policies and procedures
  • Online risk culture and assessment is provided through periodic surveys
  • Annual updates include the latest industry and risk-related developments
  • Audit trail of who has been trained and when with final test results

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"Operational risk is all around us and we need to ensure that people are trained to recognise it. People need additional stimuli and the e-learning tool will be part of this."
Chris Sowinski
Risk Development Manager, GMAC-RFC

"The market, business requirements and regulators require financial institutions to develop high levels of operational risk awareness across all of their staff… SAS Discovering OpRisk Management e-learning course is the most effective way to achieve this."
Peyman Mestchian
Head of Risk Intelligence Practice, SAS EMEA

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