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Market Risk Management

Your organisation faces market risk every day. Changes in foreign exchange rates, interest rates, stocks and commodity prices make you vulnerable to financial loss. As a result, uncertainty surrounds your future earnings, cash flows and the fair market values of your assets and liabilities.

SAS offers a way for you to manage these uncertainties and gain insights that can lead to successful hedging strategies and the use of derivative instruments.

The right information at the right time

SAS' market risk management solution gives you the power to bring together information from across your organisation, combine different instrument types into one portfolio, perform scenario and stress tests, calculate at-risk measures and deliver customised reporting back to a user.

Because the type and level of information each user requires can vary, the SAS solution is flexible, fast and scalable, enabling all users – from the board of directors to individual traders – to follow the same process to get the kind of information they need, when they need it...and in a format most appropriate for their needs. Read more.

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Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry
International benchmark survey conducted by SAS in May 2007.
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