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SAS® Solutions for Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance has always been a business reality. Now, thanks to a continuing line of corporate scandals, compliance more than ever connects directly to market performance.

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How can we verify our regulatory compliance quickly and confidently?
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And regulations have seemed to multiply over time. All public companies that trade on U.S. markets must comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Financial services firms in Europe must comply with the Basel II accord. U.S. financial services companies face security requirements outlined in the USA Patriot Act.

The list is long and the regulations complex, regardless of your industry. Failure to comply now bears more serious penalties than ever, including the loss of corporate integrity and shareholder confidence.

SAS understands the complexity of your compliance needs – that they are vast, interconnected and vital to your success. For this reason, we offer solutions for a variety of specific compliance requirements. All these solutions are built on a common platform that allows you to pull together complex compliance data from multiple systems and then quickly analyze it, report on it and deliver the required information to regulators.

With SAS, you can comply with even the most challenging aspects of:

  • Anti-money laundering regulations – Automatically identify, classify and surface suspicious activities so you'll be able to meet stringent government regulations, protect shareholder confidence and maintain a strong reputation.

  • Basel II – Satisfy the requirements of all three pillars of Basel II, calculate and aggregate market, credit and operational risk measures, and minimize efforts and investments in risk management.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley – Track, store, document and audit every financial process and control within your business more effectively.

Looking for more information on SAS solutions for regulatory compliance?
  • FSA uses SAS and Detica for MiFID Compliance and to Combat Market Abuse.
  • Read the special report "Trust but Verify: Compliance in a Regulated World."
  • Read the sascom feature article "Don't just comply: Prevent".
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Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry
International benchmark survey conducted by SAS in May 2007.
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