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Enterprise risk management for banking and financial services

Risk is an intrinsic part of doing business in banking and financial services, as firms must be willing to take on a fair amount of risk in order to provide the most value to shareholders. To successfully do so, you must:
  • Strike an optimal balance between growth and return objectives and the associated risks.
  • Apply resources efficiently and effectively in pursuit of those goals.

That's where enterprise risk management comes in.

Enterprise risk management delivers a current, credible understanding of the risks unique to your organization across a broad spectrum that includes all types of risk (credit risk, operational risk, market risk, liquidity risk and trading risk), lines of business and other key dimensions. SAS Enterprise Risk Management can help you:

SAS for Enterprise Risk Management – solutions for banking and financial services

Compliance Turn MiFID, TCF, Basel II and other compliance overheads into profits by using SAS solutions to do more than comply.

Credit risk management Accurately assess and report the risk of potential credit losses and calculate the capital reserves required to adequately cover that risk with SAS solutions for credit risk management.

Fraud detection and prevention Avoid the significant impact that fraud can have on profitability and shareholder confidence by using SAS solutions to combat fraud and achieve real ROI.

Market risk management Grow your markets within acceptable risk limits by using SAS to manage uncertainties and gain insights that can lead to successful hedging strategies and the use of derivative instruments.

Operational risk management Limit your exposure to reputational and monetary loss by using SAS solutions to measure, manage and monitor your operational risk.

Risk-based performance management Generate superior returns without jeopardizing your company by using SAS to go beyond simple measures of success.

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Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry
International benchmark survey conducted by SAS in May 2007.
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