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SAS® for Marketing Performance Management

Today, just believing in the strategic importance of marketing isn’t enough. More than ever, marketing executives are being asked to quantify the impact that their organization’s marketing efforts have on the bottom line. Unfortunately, most marketing performance solutions available today address only tactical issues. SAS, however, takes marketing performance management to the next level. 

SAS for Marketing Performance Management combines analytically derived tactical and strategic insights and delivers them via a single, comprehensive marketing framework so you can:

  • Align activities and resources with strategies and goals.
  • Link marketing performance to financial performance.
  • Establish and maintain marketing team accountability.
  • Integrate and optimize cross-functional spending.
  • Understand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities.

How SAS® is Different

SAS provides a complete range of solutions to address the key issues faced by marketers of all disciplines in today's complex environment. A pioneer in delivering marketing performance management (MPM) solutions, only SAS ties it all together in an integrated platform for enterprise marketing management so you can drive performance improvements throughout the entire marketing organization.

Starting with top down analytically driven marketing scorecards and strategy maps, marketing executives can determine the right metrics to track as well as identify their most profitable customers. Furthermore, team members across the marketing department can use marketing planning tools to determine the optimal allocation of marketing resources, whether they relate to direct channel communication or indirect media advertising and promotions.

SAS for Marketing Performance Management provides everything you need to manage and improve your marketing efforts on an ongoing basis:

  • Timely visualization of and collaboration on metrics based on individual roles, with transparency to foster accountability and drill-down ability for deeper exploration of issues.
  • Standard marketing KPIs that comprise marketing best practices, including marketing program metrics, customer metrics, business/financial metrics and marketing process metrics.
  • Analytically driven insights that give you both a historical view and a forward look at trends, not just a snapshot in time, using advanced, predictive analytics, correlation analysis, trending and more.
  • A single, integrated view across marketing that includes access to all your customer data regardless of form or location and powerful data cleansing tools to ensure consistency, accuracy and reliability.

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