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SAS® Marketing Mix Advisor

Optimize your mix of marketing promotions for the best financial return

SAS Marketing Mix Advisor provides an easier way of analyzing, forecasting and optimizing your mix of advertising and promotions. SAS enables organizations to increase their profit through more effective and efficient deployment of marketing resources and lower risk associated with changes in the marketplace.


  • Lower risk through improved forecast accuracy.
  • Increase profit through more effective use of marketing resources.
  • Improve competitive advantage through greater flexibility.

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  • Embedded analytics
  • Prebuilt Web dashboards and reports
  • Web-based simulation and optimization
  • Integration with marketing scorecards and strategy maps
  • Integration with SAS® Customer Intelligence solutions
  • World-class advanced analytics support

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Custom dashboards and Web reports help explain the impact of past marketing activity


How SAS® Is Different

The analytic and forecasting capabilities of SAS Marketing Mix Advisor allow you to optimize your marketing budget and planning through more frequent access to your marketing information. The solution offers:

  • Transparency of data and marketing mix analytics.
  • Flexibility through support for all types of marketing mix models.
  • Comprehensive, fact-based reporting bolstered by advanced analytics.
  • Advanced scenario planning and marketing mix optimization.
  • Support for all SAS-built marketing mix models, regardless of model developer or vendor.


  • Lower risk through improved forecast accuracy. Analyze your data more frequently for more accurate forecasts. Data and attributes of marketing mix models are stored in a dynamic form for Web reports that are generated easily. Better forecasts allow you to anticipate changes in consumer buying patterns and respond quickly to market shifts.
  • Increase profit through more effective use of marketing resources. Easily calculate the effects of specific marketing tactics across business units, channels, geographies, product lines and time horizons. Lower marketing expenses by more frequently predicting the performance of marketing campaigns at different levels.
  • Improve competitive advantage through greater flexibility. Consolidate results from multiple sources of marketing mix models, regardless of who built them. Intelligently stores both insourced and outsourced model results to more readily choose vendors to meet your ever-changing needs.


Embedded analytics
  • Improved access to the full library of newly enhanced SAS procedures.
  • Integrated reporting and advanced analytics that enable:
    • Explanatory analysis (decomposition, "due-to" and diminishing returns).
    • Forecasting and scenario planning (what-if simulations).
    • Optimization (operations research capabilities that automatically select appropriate algorithms).
Prebuilt Web dashboards and reports
  • Business results (sales, store traffic, Web traffic, brand awareness, etc.) can be viewed in the context of marketing mix expenditures, including advertising and promotions.
  • Secure, personalized display options by person or group with customized alerts, filters and navigation.
  • Collaborative capabilities enable users to design, preview and annotate reports, as well as distribute those with competing scenarios before execution.
  • New report linking capabilities (including links to external Web pages, stored processes and geography maps).
  • Improved report management, including wizards that assist users with more complex tasks, such as creating OLAP cubes based on input data and results of scenarios (e.g., to expose marketing effects across products, geographies, etc.).
Web-based simulation and optimization
  • What-if simulations enable CMOs, marketing planners and financial analysts to determine the financial impact of budget or media plan changes (scenario and portfolio planning).
  • Constraint-based optimization, including the ability to solve for a wide range of business objectives, such as maximizing profit, minimizing costs, etc.
Integration with marketing scorecards and strategy maps
  • Marketing budget allocation and financial planning - applying marketing mix models toward marketing investment allocation decisions (e.g., portfolio analysis, etc.).
  • Marketing scorecards and key performance indicators allow you to overlay marketing/media expenses in the context of lower costs while also showing the connection between investment and ROI.
  • Marketing strategy maps provide visual graphics of key marketing performance metrics to help marketing planners exploit cross-media and cross-channel effects (e.g., marketing funnel can show how different media tactics enable different consumer responses).
Integration with SAS® Customer Intelligence solutions
  • Visual measurement and reporting on campaign responses in SAS Customer Intelligence Studio.
  • Cross-channel and cross-media effects optimization (e.g., testing response rates for direct mail campaigns supported by TV ads versus direct mail without ad support).
  • Improved contact policy optimization through applying mass media outlays as weights in SAS Marketing Optimization.
World-class advanced analytics support
  • 24/7 SAS technical support.
  • Enterprise hosting in a secure IT environment (data, hardware, third-party software, infrastructure).
  • Expertise in marketing analytics and market research from a team of professionals with advanced degrees in mathematics and statistics, including more than 100 years of collective analytic and industry experience across statistics, econometrics and operations research.
  • Access to approved patents in technical areas, such as decision-tree methods, econometric methods for campaign effectiveness assessments, hybrid neural networks generation systems and ETL session building.
  • Standard, Web-accessible training.
  • Software upgrades implemented by the SAS Solutions OnDemand team.


Custom dashboards and Web reports help explain the impact of past marketing activity

SAS Marketing Mix Advisor delivers custom dashboards and Web reports that help explain the impact of past marketing activity on business results.

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Identify optimal points of investment by analyzing diminishing returns

Diminishing returns analysis allows marketers to identify optimal points of investment to maximize ROI.

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System Requirements

Client environment

Windows (x86-32):

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista (Business, Enterprise and Ultimate)
Server environment
  • AIX: Version 5.3 and 6.1 on POWER architectures
  • HP-UX PA-RISC: HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23), 11iv3 (11.31)
  • HP-UX Itanium: HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23), 11iv3 (11.31)
  • Linux for x86 (x86-32): RHEL 4 and 5, SuSE SLES 9 and 10
  • Microsoft Windows (x86-32): Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista*
  • Microsoft Windows on x64 (EM64T/AMD64): Windows XP Professional for x64, Windows Vista* for x64, Windows Server 2003 for x64
  • Microsoft Windows (on Itanium): Windows Server 2003
  • Solaris on SPARC: Version 9 and 10
  • Solaris on x64: Version 10

* NOTE: Windows Vista Editions that are supported include Enterprise, Business and Ultimate.

Please contact your SAS representative with any additional questions about technical requirements.

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