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Your business is changing rapidly. Mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and downsizing are altering the industry landscape. But without the right information, you can't measure or predict how employees will be affected. Now more than ever, HR professionals need to align their management goals and the goals of individual employees with corporate strategy — to deliver strategic plans with quantifiable results. To deal with change proactively, instead of reactively.

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Webster Buchanan’s Human Capital Review
The Executive's Guide to Workforce Intelligence, Technology and Profitability

Above all, you need to demonstrate HR's benefit to the bottom line — by managing the knowledge, skills and attitudes that create winning companies.

How do you do it? With SAS Human Capital Management, SAS gives you organisational insights that enable you to plan effective human capital strategies, and measure and compare your company's best practices. It's the only solution that combines award-winning data warehousing technology with Web-based, HR-specific decision support. And it's designed by HR professionals - not statisticians.

As HR functions evolve, your organisation expects you to:    

  • Attract, retain and motivate the best employees.
  • Partner with line managers to understand their needs, then develop a sound strategy that supports organisational goals.
  • Act as thought leaders and strategic advisers, delivering a plan based on real knowledge, not guesswork.
  • Plan for changing market conditions instead of merely reacting to them.
With SAS Human Capital Management, you can:    
  • Approach human capital management holistically — Incorporate all the data your organisation needs to make decisions about human capital.
  • Align people, processes and technology — Ensure that what your employees are doing will meet enterprise goals.
  • Perform proactive workforce planning — Use industry-leading analytics to develop strategies for today's work force, while you predict your organisation's future needs.
  • Leverage benchmark data – By having the capability to automatically calculate more than 250 metrics as standard features. Compare them with benchmark data to set strategy that enhances organisational performance.
SAS Human Capital Management is fully Web-based — so it's easy to use within a secure environment that enables decision makers to share important information across the enterprise. And because it's from SAS, you have the flexibility to add, change and update information easily, from both internal and external information sources, as your business needs change.

The net result? A world-class working environment that motivates people to stay. With higher productivity and better customer service that translate into increased profitability and stakeholder value. Linking people, strategy and performance. That's SAS Human Capital Management.

Enhancing employee satisfaction and benefiting your bottom line.

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