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SAS® Consolidation and Reporting

Automate the entire consolidation process and adapt to changing reporting standards and greater disclosure requirements. With advanced data management and analytical tools, you can drill down and view your business from any perspective.

You can:

  • Automate core financial processes: extracting, transforming and loading data, inter-company eliminations, rule-based journal entries, foreign currency translations and more.

  • Maintain multiple business processes, such as legal and management reporting, incorporating changes quickly.

  • Perform both simple and complex cost allocations utilising a variety of methodologies: percentage split, equal split, proportional and fixed values.

  • Issue financial statements that retain corporate and government standards and rules (such as U.S. GAAP or IAS) while allowing individual departments and subsidiaries to use their own reporting standards.

  • Dynamically link reports to business models or other reports to limit the maintenance required when changes occur.

  • Combine notes and graphs for flexible reporting and information sharing, easily establishing a collaborative environment.

  • Publish reports and report books to the Web for both static viewing and drill-down capabilities to access more detail.

  • Create and maintain a financial data mart that enables you to draw upon a consistent, secure source of information and forms the basis of intelligent business decisions.

  • Ensure data integrity through customisation of organisational- and role-based limits on the ability to access information and perform tasks in the application.

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