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Below we have collated a selection of articles and whitepapers written by Peter Dorrington, in addition there is a wide selection of webcasts and audio seminars featuring Peter that are available via

Peter Dorrington is Head of Fraud Solutions at SAS UK and has more than 25 years experience in IT and computing systems. His current role enables him to work with a wide variety of clients and partners, with a particular focus on the technologies for detecting and preventing fraud and money laundering.

Dorrington has extensive experience in the areas of Fraud Prevention techniques and the detection of Money Laundering, and is also widely quoted on related issues such as Identity Fraud, IT Security and the impact of crime/legislation on businesses and the individual.

A Strategic Approach to Reducing Losses
This paper relates to the executive management of fraud and losses. It details a holistic strategy for dealing with all customers, supplier and vendors as well as providing over 100 example organisational objectives and over 150 sample performance measures.
Three supplements have been written for the SAS white paper:
"A Strategic Approach to Reducing Losses".
These can be read as stand-alone documents, although it may be helpful to refer back to the original white paper for additional contextual information about some of the concepts introduced in this paper.
Fraud Prevention Through Pre-Employment Screening by Rachael Tiffen - Head of Anti-Fraud, London Borough of Waltham Forest
Supplement 001: Sets out to describe the benefits of undertaking pre-employment checks on successful job applicants and the processes that can be followed to establish this procedure within an organisation.
The Challenge of Data Matching
Supplement 002: This paper provide a more detailed explanation of the challenges when trying to combine data from multiple sources. This is becoming a pressing issue as more organisations adopt the principle and practices of data matching for the detection of fraud.
Detection and Detection Tuning Techniques - Oct' 2005 *NEW* Supplement 003: Many organisations are aware that the data they hold and generate contains vital clues that could support the detection and investigation of fraud; in particular, the hidden patterns, trends and relationships within the data.
Innovative, Industrious and Nefarious Fraudsters!
This brief article featured in a previous issue of sascom magazine. It looks at problems related to hackers, dishonest customers and colleagues within your very own organisation. Peter goes on to provide a glimpse at issues related to creating an anti fraud corporate culture.
Anti-Financial Crime Strategy Webcast Series
Being an industry expert Peter has been invited by Better Management to present a series of Webcasts and audio seminars. These have been collated and are available online via

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