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SAS® Fraud Detection and Prevention
Protecting revenues and reputations

From the beginnings of commerce, fraudsters have been exploiting businesses for their own financial gain. And the problem is only getting worse. The same technological advances that have been a boon to the banking industry have also been advantageous to criminals, making fraud relatively easy to commit and difficult to detect.

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From cheque fraud, to credit card fraud, to identity theft and beyond, fraud is an equal opportunity crime, and every business is vulnerable. This is particularly true of in financial services, which trade money in bytes rather than paper. The "invisibility" of electronic monetary transactions, makes fraudulent activity easier to hide and increases an organisation's vulnerability.

SAS Fraud Detection and Prevention helps it's customers stay one step ahead of the perpetrators by providing an end-to-end knowledge infrastructure that is designed to create consistent and reliable enterprisewide intelligence on fraud. Based on an integrated fraud data mart, this solution monitors transactions for suspicious behavior, analyse data to identify new patterns and refine fraud alert engines, and efficiently manage potential fraud cases from detection through notification of the authorities.

SAS Fraud Detection and Prevention can seamlessly integrate with existing systems as well as provide a holistic solution that covers the entire process of technology-driven fraud detection and prevention.

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Enterprise Risk Management in the Financial Services Industry
International benchmark survey conducted by SAS in May 2007.
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