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SAS experts help insurer optimise marketing campaigns

Award-winning insurer Swinton chose SAS® Marketing Automation to improve campaigns, help acquire new customers and increase market share. SAS Professional Services played a key role from proof-of-concept through implementation to ensuring knowledge transfer.

With major gains anticipated through campaign optimisation, the operational efficiency improvements and cost savings provided by SAS® enabled an immediate ROI.

Andy Mills, Head of Marketing Analysis, Swinton: "SAS Professional Services played a key role in implementing this solution. I can't speak more highly about the way SAS managed the project."

About Swinton
With 450 branches, Swinton Group is the UK's largest high street insurance chain. A 'one-stop source' of cover for homes, cars, travel and more, the company chose SAS to provide a complete solution: from data access, data selection, modelling and campaign creation to response tracking and campaign evaluation.

Business requirements
The main focus of Swinton's marketing is to generate leads into the branch network to convert into quotes. Andy Mills: "We wanted to be cleverer in how we used our data, with far more sophistication in how we segmented customers, in how quickly we could respond to the market, and to make better decisions on campaigns. We wanted to speed up the process and introduce a more 'scientific' element."

Service description
SAS Professional Services led implementation, including a huge amount of knowledge transfer: The elapsed time from the project starting to Swinton being fully self-sufficient was just 20 weeks. "Our SAS project manager shaped the project around how Swinton worked rather than trying to force theoretical principles on us," says Mills. "He brought the right people in at the right time at each stage, making it appear a seamless body of people. On both the IT and campaign management sides, the SAS account team added a great deal of value. We never had to re-brief the consultants - you always got the impression they understood the business and what we wanted to achieve. And they ensured a serious degree of knowledge transfer."

Service activities

  • Proof-of-concept work
  • Reviewing objectives in light of Swinton's IT environment and business requirements
  • Defining a new marketing automation architecture
  • Establishing a joint project team with Swinton, ensuring collaborative working throughout
  • Flexible project management focused on Swinton's needs rather than rigid principles
  • Implementing the architecture from a technical perspective and marketing perspective
  • Supporting migration of existing applications and data
  • Advising on best practice and optimum processes
  • Workshops (e.g. business intelligence for business users) and providing hands-on user support for effective skills and knowledge transfer
  • Additional training and SAS Education services

Service deliverables
Swinton received its marketing automation solution on time and within budget, including:

  • SAS® Campaign Management
  • SAS® Enterprise Guide
  • SAS® Enterprise Miner
  • SAS® Data Integration Studio
  • SAS® Web Report Studio
  • SAS® Management Console

Andy Mills describes implementation as "one of the smoothest projects I've ever worked on. The SAS people took the time to understand Swinton's business, not only in terms of what we wanted to achieve business-wise but also our culture. They sat with us as real team members, adding value at every stage.

"I wanted a serious element of knowledge transfer through working in a collaborative way. For example, a SAS analytical consultant worked with a guy on my team to set up four campaigns from start to finish, from data selection to post-campaign analysis and reporting. Once SAS was implemented, my people were fully versed and it was relatively straightforward for them to build new campaigns. The same can be said of the IT side, such as working together on the data integration and how SAS mapped onto our data. It was all done from a knowledge transfer point of view, working hand-in-hand with SAS consultants.

"This meant we could be more self-sufficient rapidly, to start getting value out of the solution."


Business Issue
Improve speed, control, effectiveness and accuracy in marketing campaigns designed to target valuable customers, generate leads and introduce a more 'scientific' element.
Service Deliverables
Swinton received its marketing automation solution on time and within budget, including SAS® Campaign Management,
SAS® Enterprise Guide®,
SAS® Enterprise Miner,
SAS® Data Integration Studio,
SAS® Web Report Studio,
SAS® Management Console.
Operational efficiency gains provided immediate ROI; by improving campaign effectiveness SAS will help Swinton to acquire new customers, retain existing ones and drive market share.
"SAS Professional Services played a key role in implementing this solution. I can't speak more highly about the way SAS managed the project."
Andy Mills
Head of Marketing Analysis

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