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SAS® Premium Support helps intelligence-led policing at South Wales Police

The most densely populated of the Welsh police forces uses SAS® in data quality and management, analytics, business intelligence and reporting to improve performance and help ensure public safety. This wide-ranging platform includes SAS® Data Integration Studio, SAS® Enterprise Guide, SAS® Information Map Studio, SAS® Information Delivery Portal and SAS® Web Report Studio.

SAS® Premium Support is a vital element in the SAS deployment's ongoing success, delivering superior support, enabling proactive improvements and providing peace of mind across 1,400 users.

Simon Kinsey, BI Manager, South Wales Police: "A big advantage is having a single point of contact who understands what we're doing, our set-up and goals. We have continuity in our support."

Andy Davies, BI Data Modeller: "The main benefits of Premium Support are continuity, accessibility, helping us get the most from our SAS investments, and putting us in touch with the right people and resources."

Key Benefits

SAS Premium Support ensures a focused and rigorous approach that provides superior levels of business support resulting in minimised downtime, reduced operational risk, improved user satisfaction and improved SAS knowledge within the user base.

  • Technical Account Manager to provide you with a range of advisory services on the assessment, implementation and operation of SAS, co-ordinating all resources, escalating issues
  • Regular planning/review meetings covering key projects, solutions portfolio, dependencies, support infrastructure
  • Onsite Support: expert installation, upgrades and release migration, infrastructure modernisation, knowledge transfer, proactive improvements
  • Even faster escalation and resolution of problems compared to remote assistance
  • Critical Period Support from dedicated consultants with domain expertise outside office hours
  • Workshops to promote proactive investigation and problem solving
  • Free priority access to national SAS events and UK-based international events to develop your SAS people

"When we started we were very inexperienced; only four people in the force had any SAS skills. SAS Premium Support gives us access to the knowledge we need. It's a better way of doing things." Andy Davies, South Wales Police

About South Wales Police

With 6,000 staff, South Wales Police covers 900 square miles across seven local authorities. Although this is only 10% of the country's landmass, it actually represents 42% of Wales' entire population (1.2 million citizens). In 2010, Home Office statistics revealed crime in the area had fallen by 11.8% compared to 2008-9; South Wales Police was the 8th most improved force nationally, with 14,000 fewer victims of crime.

Business requirements

When the force deployed a new records management system (RMS), this was a major catalyst for change, replacing the multiple silo systems used to record crime, process custody records, prepare cases and manage incidents. The force fundamentally changed how it accessed, processed and analysed data, and how it provided results to managers and analysts. Since then, it has extended its BI capabilities with a data warehouse, and additional SAS tools for data management, analytics and reporting. This approach aims "to provide every aspect of data needed by modern policing."

Simon Kinsey: "Using SAS we want to empower people, reduce dependency on local solutions, avoid duplicated effort and remove inefficiencies. There are so many opportunities to use SAS to drive efficiency gains and achieve savings."

Andy Davies: "Previously, we'd ring the Helpdesk and go through the same questions. Premium Support gives us a key representative who knows our site and understands our set-up. They know where we want to go, can handle any issues raised, and also cater training to our specific needs."

Key deliverables

Andy Davies: "We can escalate issues fast: South Wales Police relies heavily on SAS and, sometimes, will need something fixed quickly. We have that resource to call upon. We've never had a serious event but it's reassuring knowing someone is there who'll know exactly what to do. Our Technical Account Manager is excellent, the onsite support we receive is very good, and we even get free invitations to SAS events, which we value."

He adds, "Something we've noted in our dealings with SAS Premium Support and our Technical Account Manager is that it's not sales-orientated. We've used our Technical Account Manager to demonstrate our SAS work to other people in the force; it's not been a sales thing and that's good for us, because that approach would put people off."

Simon Kinsey: "The service and support we receive is very flexible. Importantly, the SAS people understand the context at South Wales Police, especially in more recent times with the huge pressures on public spending. Circumstances change daily, and the SAS people have been sympathetic to those changing circumstances." "The force is now embarking on the wholesale migration and upgrade of its SAS platform to version 9.2." Kinsey adds, "This will be a massive change for our infrastructure, and is something we can only work through successfully by going hand-in-hand with our Technical Account Manager."

South Wales Police

South Wales Police
Business Issue
Migrate millions of records dating back to 1994 from legacy systems into a new policing records management system, retaining access to data stored in decommissioned systems and freeing users across the business from data preparation tasks to focus on value-added analytics, better supporting management across all divisions.
A SAS-based platform for intelligence-led policing, extending to 1.400 users, covering data quality, access and management, analytics, business intelligence and reporting (SAS® Data Integration Studio, SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS® Information Map Studio, SAS® Information Delivery Portal, SAS® Web Report Studio). Standard and bespoke training from SAS® Education; SAS® Premium Support.
Efficiency gains, improved accuracy and consistency; enabling analysts to focus on value-added activity, helping the force 'do more with less' and ensure public safety; meeting internal reporting needs/monthly crime statistics for management and performance activity, plus statutory reporting including Home Office returns.
"Premium Support gives us a key representative who knows our site and understands our set-up. They know where we want to go, can handle any issues raised, and also cater training to our specific needs."
Andy Davies
BI Data Modeller
South Wales Police

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