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Marketing Resource Management

Improve marketing effectiveness to grow revenue and profits

Marketing Resource Management is a set of capabilities designed to organize, manage and optimize marketing budgets, processes and resources. Marketing Resource Management is a hot buzzword, but it continues to be a misused and misunderstood phrase, as many people just think of it as workflow management.

There are two main goals of Marketing Resource Management: improving efficiency (i.e., decrease costs) of marketing processes and improving effectiveness (i.e., improve revenue/profits growth) of marketing investments and resources.

But which is more important – efficiency or effectiveness? Both are important, as they help reduce cost and drive more revenue, respectively. But with current economic difficulties and the increasing importance of topics such as marketing accountability, organizations need to put even more emphasis on the effectiveness aspect of Marketing Resource Management. Organizations need to know if they are optimizing their marketing budget and effectively managing marketing performance.

Marketing Resource Management capabilities typically include marketing planning and budgeting, marketing budget optimization, marketing performance management and campaign workflow and collaboration. 

SAS supports all of these Marketing Resource Management categories with our marketing suite, SAS® Customer Intelligence.

On February 22nd, 2011, SAS announced the acquisition of Marketing Resource Management leader Assetlink.

Components of Marketing Resource Management

  • SAS Marketing Operations Management helps organizations systematically plan, manage and execute their enterprise marketing operations more efficiently and effectively.
  • SAS Financial Management improves the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of financial plans, budgets and reports while promoting the alignment and execution of strategy – both within marketing and across the organization.
  • SAS Marketing Mix Advisor provides the ability to perform marketing mix analysis on marketing plans and budgets, enabling customers to analytically determine the impact of those planned marketing investments on the bottom line.
  • SAS Marketing Optimization gives marketers the ability to prioritize all customer communications to maximize economic outcomes, taking into account the company's resource and budget constraints, and the likelihood that customers will respond.
  • SAS for Marketing Performance Management enables marketing departments to understand, align and improve the performance of their marketing efforts, as well as quantify how marketing contributes to their company's overall success through analytically derived tactical and strategic insights.
  • SAS Profitability Management enables organizations to make better decisions based on the profit performance of customer groups or individual customers, product groups or individual SKUs, channels or specific branches.
  • The SAS Customer Intelligence suite embeds key workflow and collaborative capabilities, such as checklists, approval processes, alerts and dashboards, into its modules to ensure that users are able to reduce the time required to execute their marketing tasks.

How SAS® is Different

  • Marketing budget optimization. SAS software’s analytical approach to budget allocation ensures that marketing dollars are spent on the right marketing media types and offers to maximize return.
  • Strong financial planning capabilities. SAS software’s financial planning approach ensures that Marketing tracks and understands what activities drive their costs and profit without losing sight of the rest of the company’s financial management processes.
  • Analytically driven marketing performance management. SAS software’s approach to marketing performance management combines both analytically derived tactical and strategic insights and delivers them via a single, comprehensive marketing framework.

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