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SAS® Customer Intelligence

An integrated platform for enterprise marketing management

"I know my marketing ROI could be better."

Who are your best customers? How much do you know about them? Do your marketing campaigns get the response you want? How quickly can you deliver them? Do you consistently reach your most valuable customers and attract new, valuable prospects?

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Customer Intelligence Analyst Report

SAS positioned in Leaders' Quadrant for multichannel campaign management
Gartner positions SAS in the Leaders' Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Campaign Management, 2008.
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"The Total Economic Impact of SAS® Marketing Automation" Read this comprehensive case study from Forrester Consulting (PDF: 103KB).

The truth is that many companies have difficulty understanding and connecting with their customers. Unacceptable return on marketing investment is potentially the biggest challenge organizations face as they strive to interact profitably with customers.

What makes marketing ROI so difficult to improve?

  • "I need to know more about my customers." A consistent view of each customer's behavior is critical for identifying your most valuable customers. Unfortunately, many companies find that customer data is scattered across the enterprise. It is impossible to have a 360-degree view of your customers when data from sales, marketing, service, operations and finance are all stored in different places.
  • "Our marketing efforts are inefficient and often ineffective." Many organizations frequently miss deadlines for campaign execution, and the results of those campaigns are always disappointing. Moreover, organizations often lack the analytics necessary to exploit operational CRM systems and other data sources for better targeting and execution of marketing campaigns. When it is unclear which customers to target, which offers to make, or even how to respond quickly to changes in customer behavior, efforts to reach customers and improve customer profitability will fall flat.

Complete customer view, smarter segmentation, better ROI

Only SAS Customer Intelligence provides the vital knowledge needed to help organizations build an integrated platform for enterprise marketing management. With SAS Customer Intelligence, campaigns and programs implemented across channels will be effective, consistent and timely. They will target the right customers with the right offers. And with the power of SAS' predictive analytics, you can be confident that actual results will match predicted ones, even before you spend anything on a new campaign.

Marketing performance management

Increasingly, marketing organizations are being asked to prove their value, making it important that you measure marketing performance and your marketing ROI. SAS for Marketing Performance Management lets you map marketing tactics to your overall corporate strategy, so you can understand, align and improve the performance of your marketing efforts, as well as quantify how marketing contributes to your company’s overall success.

SAS Customer Intelligence includes the most complete set of capabilities available for improving customer value and marketing ROI:

Campaign management

SAS Marketing Automation is the most comprehensive campaign management solution available. It provides everything needed to turn disparate, disorganized customer data into profitable marketing campaigns. Capabilities include campaign creation and execution, reporting, business intelligence, predictive analytics and data integration.

Campaign optimization

SAS Marketing Optimization applies sophisticated mathematical approaches through an easy-to-use interface to optimize marketing campaign ROI given limited budgets, channel capacities and other organizational constraints. While many vendors claim to perform campaign optimization, most are simply using rules-based decision trees. SAS employs true mathematical optimization, which provides far more effective results.

Customer experience analytics

SAS for Customer Experience Analytics translates Web site usage data into business context so you can discover how well your online experience is working from the customer's perspective. Features such as interactive reporting, behavioral analysis and detailed playback of customer interactions help you bring the online channel into your mainstream marketing activities.

Digital marketing

SAS Digital Marketing delivers a permission-based digital marketing solution that provides large-scale multimedia messaging capabilities – including e-mail, SMS, MMS and WAP – within single-channel or multichannel marketing campaigns.

Interaction management

SAS Interaction Management uses patented behavior-tracking and event-detection technologies to help you recognize opportunities to communicate with your customers.

Web analytics

SAS Web Analytics lets you learn how individuals navigate your Web site, whether they are buying and whether they are likely to come back. These insights will improve the effectiveness of your site and assist both online and offline marketing efforts.

Marketing resource management

SAS Solutions OnDemand: Veridiem MRM helps companies understand the business value of investments such as advertising, promotions, incentives, direct mail, events and the Web. Capabilities include marketing simulations, guided analysis and media-mix analysis.

Profitability management

SAS Profitability Management enables organizations to effectively manage and treat customers based on their level of profitability. By instilling confidence in this critical value metric, organizations can now make strategic decisions about the most appropriate way to serve customers.

Built on a unified marketing platform

SAS Customer Intelligence is built on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, which provides foundational components that can be used within the marketing department and across the organization. This platform enables you to take advantage of existing technology investments and decreases the total cost of ownership for your marketing solution.

The SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform includes enterprise-level reporting, which lets you explore customer data through a variety of standard reports, ad hoc reports, OLAP drill-down analysis and parameter-driven reports. The platform also provides comprehensive data integration capabilities that allow you to create a single view of the customer. And the world's most powerful data mining solution helps you identify your most valuable customers and learn who's likely to purchase or leave in the future.

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