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Reporting for Small to Midsize Business

Deliver the insights needed for fact-based decision making

Business reports communicate your organization's performance in a way that's easy to understand. You need to be able to get answers to questions, format presentation-quality results and easily share findings with others. SAS enables you to create and view reports in a self-service manner while the IT department maintains control of the underlying data – ensuring consistent information no matter where reports are created. SAS also allows you to create, update and distribute reports using your existing Microsoft Office suite.

How SAS® Can Help

SAS enables you to create reports that can be shared easily and securely, bringing unprecedented analytic and reporting capabilities to your small or midsize business. Even business users have the ability to transform raw data into meaningful information that can be used to drive fact-based decisions quickly and easily without massive changes to your business operations. With SAS, you can:

  • Use data from multiple sources, define custom calculations and integrate SAS Analytics into a single report.
  • See data from multiple views and drill down through reports for more details.
  • Visually interact with data to gain insights into relationships and patterns.
  • Refresh results of analyses within a Microsoft Office document with a single mouse click.

How SAS® Is Different

SAS provides flexible, self-service reporting capabilities so that users in small to midsize businesses can easily combine information from a variety of different sources to build different types of reports that support their needs. Only SAS provides:

  • Easy access to cleansed and reliable data for use with self-service query and reporting tools, which are tailored to meet different skill levels.
  • Robust, interactive visualization capabilities that help users see relationships not easily discovered with static, tabular reports.
  • Access to powerful SAS Analytics and reporting capabilities directly from Microsoft Office applications.

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