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Analytics for Small to Midsize Business

Analyze data to uncover hidden insights

Today's organizations, whether large or small, are overwhelmed with data. The challenge is to access the data, analyze it and deliver the resulting information quickly and effectively to decision makers so appropriate actions can be taken. For many small and midsize businesses, data sources have gotten so large and varied that the majority of office productivity products traditionally in use just can't handle them. Additionally, small and midsize businesses face limitations on IT infrastructure and employees.

How SAS® Can Help

Whether you are the head of operations or marketing, SAS makes it possible to discover patterns and gain new insights from data without constant assistance from IT. While the power is there for advanced users, ease of use is available for nontechnical users. With SAS, you can:

  • Transparently leverage powerful analytics directly from Microsoft Office.
  • Improve the precision of your spreadsheet calculations.
  • Interactively and visually explore data to discover new insights.
  • Easily share analytic results to enable faster, better decision making.

How SAS® Is Different

SAS provides small and midsized business that lack large IT departments with an affordable and interactive environment for exploratory data analysis, along with powerful business analytics. Only SAS provides:

  • Small and midsize companies with the same statistical power large enterprises have.
  • In-depth analyses and visualization capabilities that enable SMBs to uncover hidden insights.
  • Analytical solutions that overcome the limitations inherent in spreadsheets and static graphics, charts and tabular reports.
  • An analytical framework that lets organizations start small with focused projects and build toward fact-based decision making as a core competency.

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