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SAS® Social Media Analytics

Integrate, archive, analyze and act on online conversations

SAS Social Media Analytics integrates, analyzes and enables organizations to act on intelligence gleaned from online conversations occurring across professional and consumer-generated media sites. It enables organizations to attribute online conversations to specific parts of their business, allowing an accelerated response to shifts in the marketplace.

SAS Social Media Analytics is an enterprise hosted solution based on a client’s unique business challenges and enterprise goals and provides a tailored implementation hosted and managed by SAS Solutions OnDemand.


  • Analyze conversation data.
  • Identify advocates of, and threats to, corporate reputation and brand.
  • Quantify interaction among traditional media/campaigns and social media activity.
  • Establish a platform for social CRM strategy.

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  • Data integration and storage
  • Data and text mining
  • Media analyst workbench
  • Media intelligence portal
  • Conversation center
  • Social media analytics mobile interfaces
  • Multilingual support

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" The great thing about SAS is that it's so powerful and has such a broad offering."

—Jonathan Prantner

Manager of Statistics


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How SAS® Is Different

  • SAS Social Media Analytics provides multi-language support because a bad customer review is as valid in Spanish or French as it is in English; some estimates are that less than half of all Twitter traffic is in English.
  • SAS Social Media Analytics allows organizations to advance beyond ad hoc social media interactions by maintaining an archive of conversations necessary for ongoing analysis. 
  • Understanding that your brand or business is being viewed in a negative light is useful, but understanding which elements of your business are generating that sentiment allows you to take action. SAS has a unique approach for developing custom taxonomies and concepts that aligns to the most important business concerns and brings a level of clarity and insight other solutions can't match.
  • With SAS Social Media Analytics, subject-matter expertise and statistical models are combined to create powerful, efficient sentiment extraction rules that business expertise and statistical rigor alone cannot provide.


  • Analyze conversation data. SAS Social Media Analytics enhances current market research efforts by continuously monitoring online and social conversation data to identify important topics and content categories and how those topics and categories are relevant to customers in the context of their online community.
  • Identify advocates of, and threats to, corporate reputation and brand. By analyzing professionally generated media (e.g., articles) and consumer-generated media (e.g., blogs), the solution serves as an early-warning system to identify influencers (good or bad) on your corporation, organization and brand.
  • Quantify interaction among traditional media/campaigns and social media activity. By analyzing online social media sources, marketers can understand how to reach consumers through improved behavioral targeting, media buying and planning.
  • Establish a platform for social CRM strategy. By merging market data (blogs) and customer data (surveys or Web forms), market research professionals can determine a consumer need or sentiment shared across a customer base or market.


Data integration and storage
  • Captures online conversations from popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Gathers customer reviews from thousands of review sites such as Priceline and Trip Advisor.
  • Identifies and integrates influential blog postings.
  • Sources conversations both externally and via internal CRM systems, including
  • Continuously captures and retains more than two years of online conversation history.
Data and text mining
  • Tailors topic classification.
  • Customizes business rules specific to your company.
  • Applies sentiment to topics within a hierarchy specific to your industry.
  • Continuously improves the accuracy of tone identification by deploying both a statistically derived and business rules-driven sentiment scheme.
  • Includes industry-specific sentiment taxonomy engines for many industries, including: online retail, hospitality and gaming, multichannel retail, telecommunications, consumer banking, automotive, insurance, public policy, commercial pharmaceuticals and entertainment.
Media analyst workbench
  • Searches source documents for verbatim comments that are the basis of analysis.
  • Interprets how sentiment was applied to each document.
  • Identifies each concept and the sentiment associated with that concept.
  • Adjusts sentiment manually at the source document level.
  • Provides sentiment and content categorization views in the document viewer.
Media intelligence portal
  • Provides dashboard-driven insights that quickly show how core business concepts are performing.
  • Enables a quick view of year-over-year comparisons of sentiment against specific business objectives.
  • Drills into daily data to understand if a significant event is having an inordinate impact.
  • Shows verbatim comments to get context behind positive or negative sentiment.
  • Shows media sources to understand where advocates and critics tend to congregate.
  • Shows the influence of specific sources of commentary in the blog and microblog space.
  • Provides an ad hoc social Web search module.
  • Includes triggered alerts and scheduled reporting.
  • Exports to Excel, CSV and GIF.
  • Tracks progress across social channels – including Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels and Flickr group pages – using social scorecards.
  • Enables embedded time-series forecasting in social trends.
  • Provides competitive intelligence comparison reporting.
  • Includes an author hub.
  • Permits custom hierarchies.
Conversation center
  • Uses SAS Analytics so you can interact and engage with consumers in social media conversations to address customer concerns.
  • Integrates with Twitter, and includes a comprehensive tweet timeline.
  • Scores initial messages for sentiment and influence. Sentiment can be set to update manually or automatically.
  • Provides case management.
  • Offers a complete consumer profile.
  • Provides views for filter and search, summary and detail.
  • Enables viewing of cases using rapid search/filtering and graphical methods.
  • Prioritizes messages according to sentiment and influence (not just keywords).
  • Includes author channel information.
  • Ties customer data to your CRM system.
  • Stores the entire case history in a common data model.
Social media analytics mobile interfaces
  • Includes an iPad briefing book application with:
    • Sentiment reports.
    • Top five sites by volume.
    • Top five influencers.
    • Topic pairs.
    • Social trends.
  • Includes iPad Real-Time Twitter application.
  • Enables real-time "Twitterverse" buzz on queried topics.
Multilingual support
  • Supports Arabic, Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US/UK), Farsi, Finnish, French (French/Canadian), German (New/Old), Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal/Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.


Overview and introduction to SAS Social Media Analytics

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Brand monitoring and reporting components of SAS Social Media Analytics

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Performance and engagement features of SAS Social Media Analytics

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Discovery and analytics features of SAS Social Media Analytics

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Analyze social influence by media source

SAS® Social Media Analytics can analyze social influence by media source, mapped to the overall business or specific business units.

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Forecast future social media activity

SAS® Social Media Analytics keeps an extensive history that allows for year over year comparisons of social media channel volume, including forecasts of future activity.

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Perform topic and sentiment analysis on social media content

The "Media Workbench" included in SAS® Social Media Analytics allows analysts to understand the topics and sentiments of each source document.

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Real-time sentiment analysis

SAS Social Media Analytics refreshes results every few minutes and adds on-the-fly sentiment analysis and reporting to help you assess popular sentiment and velocity at various intervals over a 48-hour rolling window.

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Key phrases to identify trends and issues

SAS Social Media Analytics software’s phrase cloud improves upon the concept of a tag or word cloud by identifying not only high-frequency words, but also key phrases bubbling up in the data. This enables organizations to organically discover themes and emerging issues they may not have anticipated, and gain visibility into the language and terms consumers are using about their brand.

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Insight into competitive activity in the marketplace

The competitive intelligence tab allows you to compare your brand with your key competitors across several dimensions.

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System Requirements

Supported Web browsers
  • Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Firefox 3.0 on Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Linux for x86 (SuSE and RHEL)
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