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Helping you develop an appropriate analytical model that will accelerate your ROI

ANSWERS from SAS enables you to leverage SAS' powerful analytic software to identify previously unknown patterns and trends in your data that could have an impact on your organisation. Additionally, this service provides a foundation for definition and discovery of critical information that will help you know your customers better. As part of this service, SAS will work with you to develop an appropriate analytical model that will accelerate your ROI.

SAS will run a secure managed service on your behalf, giving you the benefits of our most advanced software, operated by our own experts.

Our team of experts are among the most qualified professionals in the use of SAS' advanced suite of analytical products. With skills acquired across the public, financial and commercial sectors, together with SAS® intellectual property, there are few problems that cannot be solved through ANSWERS from SAS.

Our pro-active approach ensures that your team spend their valuable time realizing the value of your data, rather than managing it. Augmenting your skills and business knowledge with top SAS analytical talent, as if it were part of your own team, you can achieve the insights that drive the return on investment you are looking for.

As well as offering a bespoke approach, for organisations that need to resolve business problems even faster, ANSWERS from SAS offers four packaged options:

Why choose this service?

  • Many organisations simply don't have the time, resources or analytical expertise to underpin a serious approach in-house.
  • Projects attempted internally can also take far too long (and cost too much) to deliver the value required: in today's climate, IT projects must pay their way and do so rapidly.
  • "It's just too difficult" - either a business problem is perceived as too hard to solve, or the steps needed to resolve it are seen as too complicated.
  • The fiscal reality is that many organisations simply cannot afford to invest in high-performance analytics in-house – despite recognising the value it can deliver.
  • Fear of costly failure: reduced risk is provided via SAS' international reputation for analytics and as a global managed services provider.

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