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SAS Visual Analytics now available through the cloud

UK customers can now choose from five operational environments for Visual Analytics

20 November 2013 - The power of SAS® Visual Analytics is now available through the cloud to organisations across the UK, SAS announced today. SAS' visual data exploration software combines business intelligence with the world's leading analytics, enabling anybody within a business to gain insights and answers immediately that previously had to be requested from IT.

Traditionally, the IT department has been burdened with ever-growing requests for data, ad hoc analyses and one-off reports. Decision makers become frustrated because it takes too long – or is even impossible – to get the reports they need to answer questions quickly. Visual Analytics gives professionals the ability to analyse over a billion rows of data in seconds and present their big data in a clear, attractive format.

Recent research from TechTarget (Visual Discovery Market report: July 2013), examining the buying trends and customer perceptions for more than 500 enterprise business intelligence (BI) and IT professionals, found that 9 out of 10 were looking to visual discovery software as an innovative solution to alleviate these problems and improve efficiency. Findings from the research included:

  • 90 per cent of respondents stated they are currently considering or have some form of visual discovery tools deployed

  • 84 per cent plan to expand their deployment in the next 12 months

  • 81 per cent of business users rate the value of visual discovery tools as better/much better than other BI tools in use.

SAS Visual Analytics – which combines data exploration and visualisation with advanced analytics - was first unveiled in March 2012, specifically designed to address big data challenges and use the scalability of industry-standard blade computing systems, as well as database appliances from EMC Greenplum and Teradata. Originally only available on hardware, customers now have the ability to deploy SAS products and solutions – including SAS Visual Analytics – in whichever way they prefer. They can choose from five operational environments: an internal cloud, SAS-hosted systems, public cloud, single server on-premise, and powerful on-premise grid architectures.

"SAS Visual Analytics gives organisations of all sizes the power to gain insights and answers from their information, without needing to add to the workload of the IT department. A powerful solution merging BI and analytics, business leaders can quickly and efficiently design meaningful reports and share via the web and mobile devices," said Rob McManus, head of visual analytics, SAS UK & Ireland. "By deploying SAS Visual Analytics in the cloud, companies can avoid hardware, administration and implementation costs, and focus on making the most of the advanced insights that this solution provides."

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