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SAS a leader in Chartis RiskTech100® report

SAS clinches top spots in core technology, banking and credit risk categories 

09 January 2014 -  SAS secured the No. 2 spot in Chartis' prestigious RiskTech100® rankings, which also declared SAS the category winner for core technology, banking within the vertical sector and for credit risk. The annual international listing of top risk technology vendors awarded the business analytics leader very high scores for functionality and innovation.

"As the core technology category winner, SAS was recognised for its exceptional on-demand analytics and ability to handle large data volumes while maintaining data quality," said Peyman Mestchian, Managing Partner at Chartis. "High-performance technology in risk management provides fundamentally better processes for faster, smarter decisions – an area where SAS excels."

Chartis forecasts global financial services IT expenditure on risk to exceed US$20 (£18) billion by 2015, noting that firms have invested most in real-time technology and big data. Chartis explained: "data volume, complexity, and speed can provide opportunities for better risk intelligence and preventative risk mitigation actions."

Technology spending will grow most in risk data management, says Chartis. "Between 2014 and 2015, financial institutions will increase spending on risk data management by 17 per cent, from US$7.5 billion to US$8.9 billion."

In 2013, SAS was a category leader in Chartis' RiskTech Quadrant®  Credit Risk Management Systems for the Banking Book, RiskTech Quadrant®  for Data Management and BI , and  RiskTech Quadrant®  for Basel 3. Chartis also recently ranked SAS as a category leader in its RiskTech Quadrant® for anti-money laundering technology and operational risk management software .

The RiskTech100® 2014 report is available for free download at

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