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Free SAS® software for higher education, adult learners now available

SAS® University Edition lays groundwork for lucrative careers, advanced research 

03 June 2014 - A striking analytics skills gap is hampering employers from digging value from huge amounts of data. Launched today and offered free, SAS® University Edition will help higher education build the statistical skills needed to fill this gap. Students and adult learners can jump-start careers and make themselves highly attractive to talent-hungry employers by building analytics expertise. Professors and researchers can augment instruction and power their research with industry-leading analytics.

SAS University Edition provides free access to SAS software faster and easier than ever before. This offering supports those teaching and learning statistics and quantitative methods. It also provides the statistical software needed for research and courses like economics, social sciences, business, health and engineering.

According to a SAS and e-skills UK report published in November 2013, businesses are waking up to the fact that big data analytics offer organisations the power to know so they can make better decisions based on evidence. The report estimates that the number of larger organisations that have implemented big data analytics will more than double over the five years to 2017, with a 243 per cent rise in demand for big data specialists over the same period. However, there is an emerging skills gap as around three in five businesses already admit having difficulty finding people with the required skills and experience.

"The analytics skills gap spans all major industries, which means tremendous opportunity for anyone with expertise in this area," said Laurie Miles, Head of Analytics, SAS UK & Ireland. "With the free, simple download directly from SAS, SAS University Edition paves the way to better learning and understanding of analytics, so students and those already in employment can take advantage of the rising demand for these skills."

Download the software, join the community

Users can run the flexible SAS University Edition on a standalone PC, Mac or Linux workstation. The package includes access to the SAS Analytics U community, where users interact with each other, share ideas, ask questions and find more SAS resources.

"Analytics is key to almost all academic studies and a certain level of data awareness should be expected of students entering today's workforce," said Dr Kathleen Maitland, Director of the SAS Student Academy at Birmingham City University, and a SAS University Edition early adopter. "It has never been easier for me to integrate SAS into my courses and for my students to use it, and the communities make it simpler for them to find extra help outside the classroom."

SAS encourages everyone using SAS University Edition to join the community to improve their skills and knowledge.

Professors can access free tutorials and course notes, share best practices and case studies, and connect with each other in an online forum. The student community includes an online forum, numerous free resources, and a career centre that connects them with analytics professionals and career or internship opportunities.

The latest in SAS® statistical software and programming environments

SAS University Edition provides everything users need to put the most current statistical and quantitative methods to work. In addition to foundational SAS technologies, it includes SAS Studio, a programming and development environment that runs locally within a web browser.

SAS Studio makes it easy to interact with SAS any time, any place, and submit SAS code from any device that supports SAS University Edition. It looks the same on all supported devices, which makes it easier to teach and learn.

With more than three decades of experience working in education, SAS' latest investment will further help secure staff with the skills increasingly being demanded by business. SAS is used at more than 3,000 institutions worldwide for teaching, research and administration.

SAS UK & Ireland recently launched a competition to find the region's best data scientist. Open to the academic and business communities, the contest aims to find the candidate who can best demonstrate a breadth of skills in the use of analytics, innovation and data to deliver better insight and make a valuable contribution to their community. You can find more details about the competition here.


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