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Change brings opportunity according to new head of public sector

Analytics can provide answers to some of the biggest challenges facing government 

13 May 2013 - Elaine Drummond, recently appointed head of public sector in the UK at SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, believes analytics will continue to spread across government and drive value in its day-to-day operations.

After joining SAS in December last year, Elaine became responsible for helping the public sector achieve transformational change through increased use of analytics. She believes analytics is key to understanding answers to fundamental and challenging questions now facing the public sector, such as where it should channel its resources to achieve maximum impact, and understanding how policy changes will affect different segments of the population.

Elaine Drummond said: "As we move forward it will become ever more important to be able to predict the outcomes, impacts and consequences of important decisions, and I am convinced there are areas where we can unlock greater value together. Not least, I have been encouraged to see and learn about the democratisation of analytics across some government departments in recent years, as business intelligence insight is now made available to larger numbers of business users. Technology offers a great opportunity here and new visual analytics formats mean that complex information can now be presented to all those who will benefit from understanding it."

SAS has worked across the public sector globally for more than 30 years, and worked closely with DWP and HMRC for 19 and 29 years respectively. One example is DWP using SAS to reliably forecast pensioner incomes and shortfalls, and plan benefit expenditure fairly and accurately. It can also experiment with "what if" scenarios, to reliably predict the impact of proposed policy changes on individuals, families and communities, e.g. raising the state pension age by a given amount.

Elaine is tasked with promoting the value of SAS' high-performance analytics portfolio to all new and existing customers, particularly pertinent to the public sector given the wealth of data available to it. This could apply to fighting crime, detecting fraud and error, improving the health of the nation or simply enhancing the delivery of public services to citizens.

Elaine has worked in the sales and marketing industries for more than 25 years, selling solutions from well-known IT vendors to public sector organisations. Despite her UK focus, Elaine also has experience of working within global and EMEA market development roles, which have allowed her to gain a broader understanding of the issues facing governments globally.

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