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The SAS Alliance Technology Program

Members of the SAS Alliance Technology Program drive targeted lead-generation programs to support our joint revenue initiatives. For the best execution of SAS solutions and applications, members of the Technology Program offer a variety of services to joint and potential customers that include system sizing, configuration options, benchmarking, system optimisation and performance testing.

The SAS Alliance has developed a comprehensive, worldwide program to support our Technology Program members. The program is a combination of technical, training, sales, marketing, and account management support. Eligibility for certain programs is based on the partner's level of commitment to the partnership.

R&D Program
SAS has formed successful relationships with leading business and technology organizations over the past twenty-five years. These partnerships enable SAS to maximise the value we provide to customers by providing the most technologically advanced and sophisticated solutions in the software industry. These relationships ensure tight integration with other vendors. SAS R&D Partners are leaders in their respective fields. The R&D Partner Program is tiered into three levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver, which are based on the scope and breadth of the relationship as well as the commitment made with the Partner.

Program Levels
Each R&D partner relationship is unique -- to most effectively prioritise and allocate resources, R&D Partners are tiered into three levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

  • Platinum -- Platinum Partners are global companies that have products and/or services that they distribute and support worldwide. They have global brand identity and their products are integrated with SAS technology. Platinum Partners and SAS make substantial investments in the relationship. Additionally, SAS dedicates to the partner a worldwide relationship manager to jointly develop and execute a strategic technology integration plan.

  • Gold -- Gold Partners are more regional in their market reach and may have a smaller or singular technology focus. Gold Partners receive programmatic support from staff within SAS Business Development and Channel Services.

  • Silver -- Silver Partners have limited presence or have a less mature or new technology for whom SAS is developing and/or testing. SAS provides programmatic support to Silver Partners.

Please review the SAS Alliance Program Guide for information on requirements and benefits of the Technology and R&D Programs.

Technology Partners

IBM Corporation
Intel Corporation
Sun Microsystems
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