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The SAS Alliance offers a network of partners that include:
  • Complimentary hardware, application, and software providers
  • Outsourcing, application and data service providers
  • Systems integrators and consultants
This strategy allows us to work more effectively with partners who complement our core competencies – such as business intelligence, analytics, data integration and strategic performance management – so that we can continue to lead the marketplace in the areas in which customers have come to rely upon SAS.

Program Overview
SAS Alliance Members are included in one of five core programs designed to support the diverse go-to-market requirements of our various partners. Within each Alliance Program, the annual requirements and benefits are identified for each partner tier in the SAS Alliance Program Guide. (PDF: 757KB)

Each of the above Alliance programs have three levels, allowing SAS to allocate resources in the most effective way possible to meet the needs of our customers around the world.
  • Platinum: Strategic relationships with well-established global companies, managed by a global team
  • Gold: Partnerships with global reach that are only implemented and managed regionally
  • Silver: Relationships programmatically supported by SAS at specific regional, country or district levels.

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SAS Alliance Program Guide.  
(PDF: 757KB)


SAS Alliance Program Guide pdf