partners / Alliance overview

Alliance Overview

The SAS Alliance creates a truly complementary and valuable relationship with our partners. It is designed to create new avenues for delivering and implementing SAS solutions. The Alliance is built on a network of strategic partnerships that include:

  • Complementary hardware, application, and software providers
  • Outsourcing, application and data service providers
  • Systems integrators and consultants
  • Value Added Resellers

This network of partners, combined with SAS software and solutions, gives organizations access to unparalleled domain, industry and technology expertise. Our partners bring high-level business content to the mix and SAS brings functional and technical expertise around solution areas. It is the perfect leveraged opportunity for all organizations involved. Jointly aligning go-to-market initiatives with partners, and centering those activities around solving today's most critical business dilemmas, enhances our position as the leader in business intelligence.

Programs Overview

SAS Alliance Members are included in one of five core programs designed to support the diverse go-to-market requirements of our various partners.

  • Technology Program - Members of the SAS Alliance Technology Program drive targeted lead-generation programs to support our joint revenue initiatives. For the best execution of SAS solutions and applications, members of the Technology Program offer a variety of services to both joint and potential customers.

  • Consulting Program - The intent of the Consulting Program is to establish and grow targeted SAS solution practices with other leading business organizations around the world. Members of the SAS Alliance Consulting Program commit significant time, resources and expertise to provide customers with the best quality services and support.
  • Application Program - The SAS Alliance Application Program has been designed to encourage and promote the integration of strategic SAS technologies and applications into third-party software to extend the coverage of SAS in specific market segments and provide customers with world-class Intelligence solutions.
  • Outsourcing Program - Members of the SAS Alliance Outsourcing Program host applications in a professionally managed environment, and outsource business or IT process, helping customers achieve fast access to mission-critical applications and reduced costs. This also includes Service Providers.

Program Levels

To better serve the multiple geographies that fall within the international scope of the SAS Alliance, and to most effectively prioritize and allocate resources, Alliance programs are tiered into three levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver.

  • Platinum Partner - Platinum members consist of global companies that have products and/or services that provide major strategic and critical advantages to SAS software and solutions. Platinum members and SAS make substantial investments in the relationship in order to build solutions-targeted SAS practices. SAS engages a Platinum member early in the development process to ensure the smoothest integration possible. Additionally, SAS dedicates to the member a worldwide relationship manager and team to develop and deploy a strategic business plan.
  • Gold Partner - Gold members work to support and deliver SAS technology. They are more regional in their market reach and are typically smaller in revenues and resources than the Platinum members. Account management of these members remains within the geographies and is implemented by the regional or country Business Relationship Manager. Gold members have programmatic support from our worldwide organization, working in conjunction with the local SAS contact to develop and implement a joint business plan and strategy.
  • Silver Partner - Silver members work to support and deliver SAS technology. They are supported in the field by the regions, countries or districts. SAS provides programmatic support and infrastructure via such avenues as partner summit meetings and Web support. Silver members are charged a program participation fee in return for the support and infrastructure they receive from SAS.