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Teradata and SAS

"A company’s data is a truly unique and strategic asset that no competitor can duplicate – data about its customers, its suppliers, its supply and demand chain – all highly valuable.

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Enterprise Data Warehouse Helps Drive Further Innovation at Discover
With Teradata and SAS, Discover can better serve the business, says Glenn Schneider, senior VP and chief information officer of Business Technology.
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SAS High-Performance Analytics on Teradata appliance extends analytic innovation to customers.

Today, turning this data into intelligence and empowering stakeholders inside and outside the enterprise is the new competitive battlefield.

The big challenge facing companies today as they attempt to compete on analytics is that their data is scattered throughout the enterprise, increasing costs and time to analyze. The SAS and Teradata partnership will significantly reduce the cost, time and effort needed to integrate and analyze a company's data. This will give companies a competitive advantage by making the right decisions and getting to market earlier with world-class analytics."

– Bob Fair, Executive Vice President
Global Field Operations, Teradata

The SAS and Teradata Advantage Programs enable companies to more effectively leverage SAS' marketing-leading analytic software within Teradata's market-leading enterprise data warehouse environment:

  • SAS and Teradata Analytic Advantage Program – This program provides customers with competitively priced, integrated packages that enable them to quickly and cost-effectively implement and deploy SAS Business Analytics with Teradata data warehouse solutions.

  • Optimisation Services Advantage Program – Optimisation Services from SAS and Teradata will unite your IT and business analysts in shared strategies that streamline data management and accelerate analytic processes. Now you can integrate data sources and operations – no matter how disparate – with the increased efficiency of in-database processing to:
    • Speed the transformation of data into analytic insight.
    • Eliminate costly data movement and data latency.
    • Avoid data proliferation and compliance risks.
    • Upgrade processes and performance enterprisewide.
    • Lower overall TCO.
  • Business Insight Advantage Program from SAS and Teradata – The SAS and Teradata Business Insight Advantage Program provides an integrated analytics platform that can operationalize a company’s business processes. This is a comprehensive offering to simplify data management, accelerate analytic data exploration and gain business insights to make effective decisions.
  • Key Benefits:

    • Aligns IT and business with a unified environment for managing data and applying end-to-end analytics to solve complex business problems.
    • Improves performance through integration by leveraging the SAS Business Analytics framework consisting of data integration with data quality, analytics and reporting with the Teradata platform.
    • Empowers users to explore all options, determine the appropriate approach, execute the action and evaluate/improve the business decision.
  • Credit Risk Advantage Program from SAS and Teradata – This program is an integrated, best-of-class solution that addresses the need for optimizing data management and governance as part of a regulatory credit risk offering. The Credit Risk Advantage Program:
    • Facilitates regulatory compliance.
    • Delivers a standardized workflow for calculating regulatory capital, with calculations that are data-driven, configurable and extensible.
    • Integrates regulatory analysis with scenario analysis, stress-testing and an optimized cover allocation algorithm.
    • Supports modern risk management best practices.
  • Warranty Advantage Program from SAS and Teradata – SAS and Teradata Warranty Analysis Advantage is an end-to-end solution designed around industry best practices in data analysis, reporting and communication capabilities. This Advantage Program offers a broad array of analytics required to transform warranty claims data into strategic intelligence allowing companies to detect and correct issues earlier and reduce warranty costs.
  • Key Benefits:

    • Leverages the power SAS Warranty Analytics software. The analytics contained in SAS Warranty Analysis enable customers to reduce their time to issue detection and problem definition by four months (on average). This typically translates to a 15% reduction in warranty cost.
    • Reduces data movement and data replication processes. As a result of the integration between SAS Warranty Analysis and Teradata, manufacturing companies are able to reduce data movement and data replication processes, thus significantly shrinking the detection-to-correction window of quality issues.
    • Scalable and easily managed database platform. The Teradata database, designed specifically for data warehousing, is the most scalable and easily managed relational database on the market. While handling analytical and active operational processing concurrently, the Teradata database's self-managing parallel architecture allows it to scale on many dimensions at the same time.
    • Centralizes Warranty and Quality data repository. For global institutions, this greatly enhances their ability to centrally manage multiple subsidiaries from a central location.

SAS and Teradata consultants can maximize your technology investment – not by expanding your hardware or software footprint – but by delivering innovative, tailored services that flow from the partnership’s continuous development activities.

The SAS and Teradata Center of Excellence
The SAS and Teradata Center of Excellence features a dedicated team of solution architects and technical consultants to help organizations optimize the performance of their existing and future IT infrastructure.

About Teradata
Teradata Corporation is the global leader in data warehousing and analytic technologies. Teradata solutions make smart companies smarter. Teradata gives companies the people, technology, innovation and a world-class network of customers and partners enabling them to gain competitive advantage to master their markets. With Teradata, the smartest wins. Teradata is located in more than 40 countries and on the Web at

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