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Working together, Intel and SAS have optimized SAS business intelligence (BI) applications to take full advantage of the performance, scalability and reliability of the newest Intel® server platforms. This enhanced solution helps everyone in the organization make more effective decisions by delivering enterprise business intelligence and predictive analytics on the full range of 64-bit Intel® Architecture-based servers. Running SAS BI software on Intel platforms, businesses can extract untapped business information and apply it intelligently to their decision making processes.

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SAS Enterprise intelligence Platform on Intel Itanium 2 processors

The SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, powered by Intel® Itanium® 2 processor-based servers, delivers new insights that drive value for your organization. Designed specifically for the most demanding enterprise applications and data-intensive computing, Intel Itanium 2 processors are built for business analytics to cut the time required to get information and improve real-time business decision making. SAS’ fully integrated and comprehensive suite of BI, analytic, data integration and intelligence storage software has been optimized for Intel Itanium 2-based server platforms, providing mainframe-class availability with an unparalleled choice of operating systems and system vendors. This unique platform extends the value of your existing infrastructure by integrating data flows from organizational silos, diverse platforms and niche applications, setting the stage for new levels of enterprise intelligence.

"SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform delivers unprecedented performance and simplicity that gives more people access to the power of SAS analytics. With more users comes the need for more performance, and that’s where Intel’s new dual-core Itanium 2 processor comes in," says Keith Collins, senior vice president and chief technology officer at SAS. "Intel’s Itanium 2 architecture, designed to support advanced analytics, is well suited for SAS business intelligence and provides a unique value proposition for customers looking for high-end business intelligence."

Business Intelligence on Intel Architecture

The SAS Enterprise BI Server, running on either dual-core Intel® Xeon® or Itanium® 2 processor-based servers, integrates data from across the enterprise and delivers fast access to self-service reporting and analysis to all levels of users. It provides a complete portfolio of BI capabilities with the power of SAS analytics and data integration to create a comprehensive, easy-to-use BI solution that addresses the needs of both IT managers and business users. To maximize your competitive advantage through business intelligence, you need SAS’ fully integrated suite of BI software, optimized for deployment on Intel processor-based servers.

SAS Enterprise BI Server includes software for:

  • Reporting – produce and access reports for all levels of users across an organization.
  • Query & Analysis – ask new questions and get the answers you need quickly.
  • OLAP – analyze summary data organized along business dimensions.
  • Integrated Analytics – integrate the full breadth of SAS analytics and make results available to all users.
  • Visualization – present data in charts, graphs and geographic maps within multiple BI applications.
  • Microsoft Office Integration – leverage SAS capabilities in data access, reporting and analytics directly from Microsoft Office.

Technology Research for the Future

In early 2001, Intel and SAS created an advanced research center, located on the campus of SAS world-wide headquarters, with dedicated personnel from both companies. The mission of the SAS and Intel Advanced Research Center (SIARC) is to jointly explore the latest technologies from both companies in order to maximize the benefit for our mutual customers. Intel and SAS have optimized dual-core and virtualization support across Intel platforms at the SIARC facility and will continue to examine emerging technologies like multi-core to create powerful integrated solutions for the market.

Better Answers, Faster

SAS BI applications running on Intel’s newest server platforms help you transform massive amounts of raw data into true forward-looking enterprise business intelligence. Other vendors provide business intelligence solely in the form of historical reports that give you hindsight but limited insight. SAS Business Intelligence allows you to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes as you address your changing business needs. Intel and SAS are committed to providing innovative enterprise business intelligence solutions that are easy to deploy, generate a high return on investment and deliver better answers faster.

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