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The increasing complexity and exploding volumes of corporate information, combined with demands for faster performance, are driving the need for more sophisticated and complete business intelligence solutions. Working together, SAS and HP have the products, the services and the people to deliver better business intelligence with better business outcomes. HP and SAS have partnered together successfully for 23 years to ensure the success of our joint customers.

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HP and SAS Debut Real-time Customer Intelligence for Financial Services Institutions

The new HP SAS Customer Intelligence Excellence Center provides an environment for clients to easily understand the benefits they can gain through the integration of the SAS suite of Customer Intelligence solutions with the HP Neoview enterprise data warehouse.
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HP is a leading technology solutions provider, offering IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. HP considers SAS a Strategic Alliance Partner.

Many of SASí tools and solutions are optimized for performance on HP hardware and software platforms, including Integrity, ProLiant and Blade servers. Likewise, SAS products support the majority of HP's strategic operating systems, including HP-UX Integrity. SAS software also supports HP's newest platform, the Neoview enterprise data warehouse, to provide a complete ecosystem of business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions that help customers speed time to market, improve decision making and gain market share.

SAS and HP work together globally to help customers deploy mission-critical solutions in financial services, telecommunications, retail, life sciences, healthcare, government and education. Together, our joint customers have reaped the rewards that our partnership enables.

HP and SAS Programs

  • SAS Enterprise Excellence Center: HP technology experts are on hand to offer their systems and consulting expertise to customers and SAS personnel. HP has also provided the SAS Enterprise Excellence Center with powerful HP Integrity servers and storage to facilitate and speed customer proofs of concepts and product benchmarking.
  • Sizing and configuration assistance: HP has trained staff around the world to help size and configure SAS implementations to speed time to success and decrease risk for our joint customers.
  • Integrity: SAS was an early adopter of the Integrity platform and offers complete solution stacks for HP-UX. SAS and HP have also partnered to offer customers complete SAS solutions that are integrated with HP Virtual Server technology that provides scalability and flexibility while decreasing the need to purchase more hardware as software needs expand.
  • Neoview enterprise data warehouse platform: This is HP's new enterprise data warehouse platform that provides high performance with the simplicity and affordability of appliance offerings and a much lower price point than legacy databases. With Neoview, SAS and HP offer a complete business intelligence environment for virtually any need.

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