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Smart Tariffs

Smart Meters will give you access to detailed half-hourly energy consumption readings for all your customers for the first time. The emphasis will shift from simply increasing customer numbers to analysing and targeting customers based on a detailed understanding of their behaviour.

Armed with Smart Meter data, you have an opportunity to analyse your customers' usage patterns and lifestyles in detail, modelling the risk and value associated with every customer and creating optimal tariffs.

However, there is a risk that you could be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data available - more than 17,500 readings a year for each customer. Your current analytics solutions are unlikely to scale up easily to deal with that quantity of information.

Customer Success Story

SAS® Analytics help EDF Energy reduce customer churn®

How SAS can help

SAS has a proven track record working with energy and utility companies around the world. Its data analytics solutions will help you set optimal tariffs for customers based on an in-depth understanding of their behaviour - increasing profits and market share, and helping you retain your valuable customers while attracting new ones.

  • Retain customers: Set optimal tariffs to retain customers by analysing Smart Meter data. Identify your most valuable customers and develop tariffs and offers to retain them.
  • Attract new customers: Analyse usage patterns and risk profiles of existing customers to create tariffs that will attract the most valuable new prospects.
  • Promote energy efficiency: Help customers become more energy efficient by offering them tariff options based on their usage patterns and lifestyles that will allow them to save energy.
  • Manage debt: Model the risk and the value associated with all customers, current and prospective. Devise optimal tariffs and treatment plans to enable effective collection strategies without damaging your brand reputation.


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Success Story

SAS® Analytics help EDF Energy reduce customer churn®