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Load Forecasting

Faced with a volatile wholesale energy market and increasing regulation, executives need faster and more accurate load forecasting. Requirements have evolved and the depth and precision of information called for has increased. Energy demand forecast errors must be no more than 1% if retailers are to ensure they pay the optimum price for energy. The traditional top-down aggregation into residential, commercial, industrial and governmental customer sectors no longer meets needs.

Effective load forecasting gives you the ability to reconcile long-term dynamic models with short-run time series models. It helps you understand market trends, project future revenue and analyse energy consumption with confidence. It reveals where load growth will occur and the kinds of customers that are contributing to it. It helps you meet demand and manage growth better. Detailed, disaggregated energy demand forecast information ensures you satisfy consumers, regulators and shareholders.

Solution Brief

How can we improve forecasting to increase our return on smart grid investments?


How can my company improve load forecasting to plan capital expenditure and operational budgeting with confidence?

Our solutions saved ODEC customers millions in the first year. They continue to help Brazilian company CEMIG manage its infrastructure expansion and improve business operations. CEMIG told us, "By providing an ever-clearer picture of demand, sources and costs, SAS is helping us operate more efficiently and ensure greater consistency in energy supply."

  • Estimate loading effects from external events: Such as population growth, holidays and more. Only we help you understand whether changes in usage are related to weather, the economy or both.
  • Identify regional and industry usage cycles: Our forecasts uncover the effects of seasonality. They combine and reconcile long-term models that include external influences like weather, economic growth, and national or regional events, with short-run models that pick up regular daily / weekly cycles and demand lifts.
  • Reforecast and reconcile automatically: Our solutions integrate all available data to deliver highly accurate, unbiased long- and short-term forecasts, whose automation frees your experts to concentrate on the problems.

Our approach enables you to keep costs low and service levels high by analysing revenue, charges and short-term exposures with increased flexibility and precision. They allow you to predict future requirements with confidence and reduce imbalance costs.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Factor in season, weather or large sports events to reveal short-term demand lifts and ramp-up effects.
  • Incorporate GDP, population trends and retail sales for medium and long-term forecasts.
  • Flexibility allows you to quickly work in a cooler summer or colder winter.
  • Understand individual markets or amalgamate data for the bigger picture.
  • Future-proofed for increased volume of data from smart metering roll-out.

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Solution Brief

How can we improve forecasting to increase our return on smart grid investments?