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Energy and Utilities

A data deluge is coming. Utility companies in the UK face an explosion of information as Smart Meters become commonplace - they will increase the volume of consumption data gathered by energy companies by a factor of 10,000.

But this mountain of new data also represents an opportunity for utilities to enhance the way they understand their customers.

How will you make the most of your data? Organisations in other sectors faced similar challenges and turned to SAS to transform their data into valuable customer insights - and increased their market share.

Who will you turn to?

Point of View

Smart Metering:
Big Data and The Value of Analytics

What problems are you trying to solve?

  Smart Meters   Utility Customer Management   Utility Supply Management
Smart Meter Rollout:
Use the data you already have to optimise your Smart Meter rollout by identifying and targeting your most valuable customers.

Smart Customer Insight:
Transform your organisation into an energy services company with the help of SAS and the wealth of energy consumption data provided by Smart Meters.

Smart Energy Forecasting:
Robust forecasting solutions from SAS deliver accurate and granular forecasts - and will scale easily to cope with the torrent of new data from Smart Meters.

Smart Tariffs:
Retain valuable customers and attract new ones by using Smart Meter data to model the risk and value associated with each customer and design tariffs to meet their needs.

Smart Grid:
With the advent of the smart grid infrastructure, you need to find the best way to use the huge volumes of smart grid data to analyze and forecast demand.
Customer Service Analytics: A better understanding of a customer's value needs to incorporate their true cost to serve.

Churn Analysis: In a dynamic market you need new ways to retain customers.

Utility Debt Management: Collect more with the same resources by ensuring appropriate and consistent treatment of delinquent debt.
Asset Maintenance Management: Improve the uptime of crucial assets and reduce unscheduled maintenance

Load Forecasting: Understand market trends, project future revenue and analyse energy consumption with confidence.

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Industry Overview

From smart metering to smart marketing: How SAS® can help energy companies take advantage of the data explosion