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Utility Debt Management

Utilities need to reduce bad debt while continuing to meet regulatory guidelines on social responsibilities. Debt management analysis protects your cash flow. It integrates billing and call centre data so that you can identify the risk of debt fast. It allows you to prevent and manage debt, for example by encouraging customers to register with the Fuel Direct payment scheme.

Accurate credit control analysis is key to innovative and proactive debt management. Debt management analysis allows you to model the risk and value of prospective, new and long-term customers. Aggressive collection damages your reputation. Once you understand behaviour, you can optimise treatment plans and even avoid high-risk customers. You can increase the effectiveness of collection strategies and protect your reputation, all within regulatory and resourcing constraints.

White Paper

Improving Utilities Collections Through Predictive Analytics


How can I use credit control analysis to reduce bad debt charges and enhance my company's reputation?

The ability to make fast, fact-based decisions on customer risk delivers competitive edge. Our solutions helped EDF Energy identify high-risk SME customers, enabling appropriate management and intervention strategies before default occurred and avoiding provision charges and write-off.

  • Understand risk: Model the risk and value of prospective, new and long-term customers. Improved profiling allows you to understand the factors that dictate risk and to reference individual risk scores when dealing with customers.
  • Optimise collection strategies: Collect more with the same staffing levels by ensuring appropriate and consistent treatment of delinquent debt. Identify when late payment is likely to become non-payment, and which persistently delinquent customer you need to switch to ppm.
  • Protect your reputation: Apply pressure only where it's really needed and appropriate, lowering the cost of managing bad debt and safeguarding your reputation.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Align potential value with potential debt for true customer risk rating.
  • Ensure most appropriate and cost-effective strategy with advanced segmentation and 'what if' analysis.
  • Direct treatment plans such as minimum promise-to-pay to multiple channels and front office systems.
  • Automate collection strategies and follow-up based on response and feedback.

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White Paper

Improving Utilities Collections Through Predictive Analytics