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Customer Service Analytics

Customers are not all equally profitable. Fluctuating energy prices and profit margins that can be wiped out by a single chasing letter make calculations of customer value complex. Customer service analytics integrate and analyse huge volumes of data to reveal customers' true value.

Without a detailed knowledge of how profitable a customer is, how can you hope to optimise use of marketing resources? Strategies to acquire and retain customers need cost to serve analysis to determine which customers to invest in. Without them, strategies may even increase back-office costs such as PPMIP. Customer service analytics are key to your ability to attract the right customers: customers that reduce churn and the cost to serve.

Solution Brief

How can we better understand costs and demand to improve margins without sacrificing service levels?


How can customer service analytics help my company increase customer value?

Our solutions increase your understanding of your customers. They allow EDF Energy to transform raw data into actionable CI they can profit from. EDF told us, "In the two years we've been doing this work, SAS has enabled us to significantly increase our Gold customer base."

  • Analyse cost to serve behaviours: Build customer profiles based on real behaviours that impact the use of back office resources.
  • Identify customer types: Advanced segmentation combines purchasing behaviours, churn, cost to serve (such as the increased call centre costs of PPM customers), and demographics. It even delivers the ability to predict the likely behaviours of customers in a target geographical area.
  • Understand customer segment value: Accurate CLV reveals true cost and value for decision-making process. SAS analytics improve CLV calculations. Our advanced segmentation delivers the insights you need to transform unprofitable customers into profitable ones.
  • Refine customer management: Our approach delivers rapid, quantifiable ROI and allows you to lever maximum value by concentrating resources on best serving your best customers. So you can target efforts to grow sales or improve retention, at the most profitable customers.

It allows you to personalise tariffs and optimise take up of value-added services. This increases value and reduces churn: the more services a customer has with you, the less likely they are to leave.

How SAS solutions can help:

  • Credit scores help you avoid unprofitable customers.
  • Improve understanding of bad debt drivers and risk.
  • Offer optimal tariffs based on usage pattern and lifestyle.
  • Integrate knowledge of customer profitability and churn risk into front-line servicing.

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Solution Brief

How can we better understand costs and demand to improve margins without sacrificing service levels?