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Smart Customer Insight

Energy utilities are busy transforming themselves into energy services companies. The introduction of Smart Meters - and the wealth of energy usage data they will provide - is just part of this process. The in-depth understanding of customer behaviour brought about by analysis of Smart Meter data increases loyalty by ensuring your campaigns and offers are well targeted.

Who are your most valuable customers? Which ones are most likely to take on more energy services? Smart Metering and SAS offer an opportunity to create and maintain relationships with those customers, and to help utilities transform themselves into fully-fledged retail organisations.

Customer Success Story

SAS® Analytics help EDF Energy reduce customer churn®

How SAS can help

SAS can simplify your organisation's transformation into an energy services company by using Smart Meter data and other customer information to help you understand what your customers will respond to. Gather and structure data from disparate sources and deliver a joined-up message. You can also identify valuable customers who are likely to leave, helping you tackle rising churn rates.

  • Prevent churn: Protect your customer base during rollout by identifying those most likely to use the change as a reason to change supplier.
  • Attract valuable customers: Detailed, granular energy consumption data from Smart Meters will make it easier to create tariffs that are attractive to the most valuable new customers.
  • Optimal tariffs: Analyse usage patterns and lifestyle to model the risk and value associated with all your customers and create optimal tariffs.
  • Marketing automation: New entrants into the market erode the relationships between utility organisations and their customers. SAS brings together customer information from Smart Meters and elsewhere to automatically target customers when they change their behaviour, reducing churn and maximising profits.
  • Cost to serve: Measure the profitability of products, customers and marketing channels at a granular level using SAS Activity Management tools. Such cost-to-serve analyses help you maintain service levels and improve profits.


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Success Story

SAS® Analytics help EDF Energy reduce customer churn®